10 Best Ditto Cards In Pokemon TCG Ranked By Artwork

Caution: Some of these are kind of… strange. Ditto, the Pokemon that changes shape, is one of the most interesting first-generation Pokemon. In the game, Ditto is known for being able to change into any other Pokemon and temporarily copy all of that Pokemon’s moves.

Because of this, there are a lot of Ditto cards in the Pokemon Trading Card Game, with the Pokemon either as itself or as another Pokemon. Even though the cards have been around for a long time, there are still less Ditto cards than fans might think. Like all Pokemon cards, some Ditto cards look a lot better than others.

Skyridge Ditto

This Ditto from the Skyridge expansion is in a cave with paintings of people and Pokemon by Tomokazu Komiya. It’s not clear if the paintings were made by Ditto or if they were there before it got there. This cave is a unique place for Ditto to be because, with a few exceptions in some first-generation games. Ditto hasn’t been here before Pokemon Emerald version.

Either Ditto is trying to copy the cave paintings or it is getting ready to fight off an intruder who is close by. In Pokemon Crystal, Ditto’s Pokedex page says that when it meets another Ditto. It will move faster than usual to keep up.

Vending Ditto

This is a special Ditto card that can only be bought from vending machines in Japan. It was drawn by longtime Pokemon designer Atsuko Nishida, who is best known for making Pikachu and Raichu. This card is interesting because it looks like Ditto is jumping through the air. Most of the time, Ditto’s body keeps it on the ground, so most people wouldn’t think of it jumping.

This Ditto could be jumping into battle, jumping to change, or doing both. This would be in line with its Pokemon Power, Amazing Transformation, since Ditto can change into any other Pokemon in play if the required coin flip comes up heads.

Delta Ditto (Bulbasaur)

In addition to the regular Ditto, the EX Delta Species expansion has five Delta versions of Ditto. These are the first cards Yuka Morii ever made that changed Ditto. Not only do these Ditto copy the way Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, and Geodude look and move, but they also copy their types.

Even though they all use clay, Ditto dressed up as Bulbasaur is the best. This version of Delta Ditto is different from the others because it is in the right place with lots of grass and dirt to act more like the Pokemon it has changed into.

Crown Zenith Ditto (Numel)

One Ditto on this card is dressed up as a Numel, a third-generation Fire-type Pokemon. So it can blend in with a group of them. This isn’t the first card to show Ditto dressed up as another Pokemon. But it is the first to show Ditto trying to blend in with the Pokemon it turned into, even though its face is a dead giveaway.

Ditto stays a Normal-type Pokemon, unlike the earlier Delta versions of it. This is because its abilities in Slope Game only change its appearance and moves, not its type. It’s also great that the art fills the whole card, with Ditto in the middle, so you don’t have to guess which Numel is Ditto.

EX FireRed & LeafGreen Ditto

The Ditto card from the EX FireRed and LeafGreen expansion, which was drawn by Miki Tanaka, has less Ditto on it than most other cards with it, but the holographic pattern around it takes up more space. On this card, the Pokemon that changes looks like it is taking a bath in a small pool of water.

This art makes sense, since Ditto are sentient blobs that don’t have legs or feet to help them get up off the ground. However, it’s possible that few Pokemon fans thought about this before the mainline games added the ability to clean the Pokemon in your party.

Fossil Ditto

Many people remember the first Ditto card that came out. It was drawn by Kenji Kinebuchi and was part of the Fossil expansion. A few other Pokemon cards had the same 3D style as this Ditto. But its tiled background makes it stand out.

This background might be a reference to the Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar Island in Kanto. It looks like the floor of the mansion and is the only place in Pokemon Yellow Version where Ditto can be caught. Even though the art isn’t as detailed as on later Ditto cards. This one stands out because it brings back memories, is easy to recognize, and might make a reference to the games it was first used in.

Koga’s Ditto

Koga’s Ditto from the Gym Challenge expansion is a Ditto drawn by famous Pokemon artist Ken Sugimori and owned by Fuschia City Gym Leader Koga, even though it is not a Poison-type Pokémon. It takes up most of the card frame, leaving little room for the holographic pattern that surrounds it.

Koga’s Ditto might be a hint that he was a ninja. Since he could use it to turn into a second copy of himself or copy other ninja moves. The texture of Ditto is also shown on Koga’s Ditto, which many other cards at the time didn’t do. Even though it doesn’t have the stickiness that some later cards talk about. It gives the impression that Ditto would feel like putty.

Triumphant Ditto

This Ditto from the HeartGold and SoulSilver Triumphant expansion, drawn by match, isn’t another Pokemon. But it’s also not standing up straight like it usually does. It is in a cave full of sharp crystals, some of which it may be sitting on. Because of this, this Ditto’s attack is Sharp Point instead of Pound like some of its predecessors.

This Ditto doesn’t change into other Pokemon either, because its Ditto-bolic Poke-Body does something else. This card could be a reference to how Ditto is said to be able to change into anything in the Pokedex. This has also been shown many times in the anime series.

Shiny Vault Ditto V

Even though the shiny version of Ditto was introduced in the second-generation Pokemon games along with the idea of shiny Pokemon, it wasn’t in the card game until Saki Hayashiro’s alternate art version of Ditto V from the Shining Fates expansion of the Shiny Vault set. Ditto V is the only Ditto that can evolve into Ditto VMAX, which also has a shiny version.

The great thing about this card’s art is that it’s a full art card and doesn’t have to fit into a smaller frame. It also makes Ditto’s shiny color feel more important by giving it the same sparkle effect. That you see when you meet shiny Pokemon in the games.

XY Black Star Promo Pikachu Ditto

This card from the XY Black Star Promos series was drawn by 5ban Graphics. It shows a Ditto changing into a Pikachu, but it looks like it’s either in the middle of changing or something went wrong so badly that it kept its original color and bottom half as well as its face.

This card is based on Ditto’s Pokedex entry from Pokemon X. Which says that it can rearrange its cells into any shape it wants. This is shown by the multicolored cells in the background of the card. This is the best Ditto card in terms of artwork. Because it shows what Ditto is known for without just having Ditto’s face on it.


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