4 Relationship Advice Tips in the Digital Age

As the world continues to grow and new technology emerges, it’s not only affecting the way we live and work, but also the way we date. While dating in the modern world may look a little different than in the past, there are still unspoken rules and things to consider when investing in your romantic life. If you’re looking to find the love of your life or simply maneuver the modern dating world, here are a few things to consider. 

Choose the right dating app

In the modern dating world, more couples are finding each other through online efforts. With the advent of so many dating apps, it can be overwhelming to find the one that works best for you. Finding your mate online come with scrutiny from others in the past, but this is changing as more dating apps are created. Finding a mate online doesn’t have to be intimidating though, but the process begins with the app you pick. 

Signing yourself up for every dating app you can find can leave you feeling burnt out and overwhelmed before even getting started chatting with anyone. Instead, stick to one or two dating apps at a time to simplify the process. Here are some of the most popular dating apps to look into: 

  • Bumble: Bumble is a well-loved dating app that sets itself apart from its competitors by flipping gender norms on its head. While most hetero relationships have the unspoken rule of the guy approaching the woman, Bumble requires its female users to send the first message. If you appreciate this flip, Bumble may be the app for you.  
  • Tinder: Tinder’s dynamic gives a much more casual dynamic by allowing participants to quickly and easily connect with others in their area. While this app may have garnered the reputation of being for hookups, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to find love on the platform. Whatever you’re looking for, Tinder is easily approachable for people from all walks of life and can be a great introduction to the online dating world. 
  • Hinge: Hinge is another online dating community that sets itself apart from other platforms due to its in-depth ability to customize your user profile. Hinge provides users with multiple options to interact with a person’s profile making it much easier to break the ice and start a conversation. 

Don’t be afraid to jump right in and make your profile. If you want to start dating and make an effort in your dating life, starting is the hardest step. Your profile doesn’t have to be perfect and there’s no harm in giving a platform a shot. If you find one dating site that isn’t for you, you can always delete your profile and try out a new one. 

Minimize digital communication

With so many aspects of our lives going digital, it seems intuitive that our communication would do the same. While we may be finding new romantic interests online, at a point, the conversation should be moved offline and in person. 

While our lives are busy, if you’re hoping to improve the romantic part of your life, it’s going to require time and effort. While communicating online is easy and convenient, think of in-person conversations as an investment into this part of your life. If you’ve met someone and are having fun communicating online through your dating app or exchanging text messages, at some point, you’re going to need to overcome your nerves and meet up. 

If you’re struggling to think of ways to take your conversation to the next level, consider cute, no-pressure dates to see if the chemistry grows beyond the online space. You can meet up for coffee, go to a park, grab a round of drinks, or whatever interests you, and allows for the space to have a conversation. If safety is a concern, schedule something for the daytime in a public area to help minimize your concerns. For extra security, message your friends letting them know where you’ll be and who you’ll be meeting with. Then you can text them after your date is finished to let them know you’re safe. 


Not only has the modern world revolutionized the way we date, but it also has overhauled the way we think about our sexual health. In the past, if we had an issue concerning our sexual health, we could end up waiting weeks or even months before seeing a doctor. Not only that, but sexual health wasn’t discussed comfortably and it made going to a doctor about our issues embarrassing.

While we’ve been able to complete mental health or even general health appointments online through video calls for a while, now you can complete sexual health appointments through telemedicine as well! 

If you’re wanting to speak to a doctor about a sexual health issue such as a decrease in libido, or genital issues such as painful sores, UTIs, yeast infections, or even erectile dysfunction, you can now complete your appointment online. Telehealth doctors can even write you prescriptions making it easy for you to receive treatment as soon as your health concern arises. 

Redefine exclusivity

As the world continues to modernize, so does the way we date. In the past, declaring exclusivity could put a lot of pressure on a pair, making it seem you were both on the road to marriage. However, today, the idea of declaring exclusivity is a huge fear for many. 

Exclusivity doesn’t have to mean you’re ready to commit to this person for the rest of your life. Instead, declaring exclusivity with a person can mean many different things in today’s dating world. Instead, find a meaning for exclusivity that works for you and the person you’re involved with. Exclusivity can mean agreeing to not date other people, agreeing to commit to further getting to know each other, or whatever feels good to the both of you without applying unnecessary pressure. 

Manage expectations

Dating in today’s world looks a lot different than it did in the past. Dating in the modern world means taking advantage of the technology available to you as well as comfortably transitioning from an online conversation to an in-person date. What’s important in dating is that you go at your own pace and find what works for you. Don’t apply unnecessary pressure to yourself, but also don’t be so afraid that you leave your dating life on the back burner. With these tips, you’ll find it easier to invest in your love life.

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