4 Ways a Periodontist can help You treat common Dental issues

Having healthy teeth is no less than a blessing. Being able to chew food and smile confidently can be affected if you do not take care of oral hygiene. Compromised oral hygiene combined with an unhealthy lifestyle can give birth to various dental issues that can make your life difficult if not addressed. If you’re someone who’s suffering from gum diseases don’t delay it any further and rush to your periodontist to get proper treatment.

Periodontics is a specialized field of dentistry in which healthcare professionals study the structures that support teeth, and get to learn about various gum diseases, and conditions that promote them. Periodontists are those specialists who deal in this field and help you treat all dental problems. Here are a few ways a periodontist can help you. 

  1. Remove plaque and bacteria build up

Plaque and bacteria build-up is the most common issue among the masses. If not treated, they can lead to gum diseases. However, your periodontist can help you get rid of it through a procedure called ‘deep scaling’. In deep scaling, your periodontist will use a periodontal scaler to remove the plaque and bacteria build-up. It is usually advised to go for deep scaling every three months to keep up with oral health. 

  1. Provides fluoride treatment

Fluoride has multiple benefits and keeps your teeth away from common dental problems such as plaque, bacteria build-up, etc. A periodontist can provide you with a customized fluoride treatment. Fluoride is known to help you with the re-growth of enamel, keeping your roots healthy, preventing tooth decay, and much more. 

  1. Remove stains through Polishing

Excess smoking and caffeine intake can put yellow stains on your teeth. This can affect the smile of a person and make him lose all his confidence. Polishing is the procedure that can help you retain the original colour of your teeth to regain your lost smile. Usually, it’s carried out after deep scaling followed by a fluoride treatment. This will help you remove any stain, discoloration, plaque, or bacteria build-up and boost your smile. 

  1. Provides Whitening treatment

If you want to flaunt your smile, you can go to your dentist for a whitening treatment. Whitening treatments are of further two types the general one and the targeted one. In general whitening, all of your teeth are whitened while in targeted whitening, only the affected teeth or chosen teeth are whitened. Consult with your doctor and see what he recommends to get back your lost smile right away. 

The bottom line 

In a nutshell, periodontists play a crucial role in our life. They are experts who can help you treat the most common dental problems like plaque, bacteria build-up, removing stains and discoloration, and many other dental issues. They can help a person restore his lost smile and boost confidence in himself. 

A pretty smile can help you not only feel good but also boost your confidence and give your best. You don’t hide or shy away from people and give your best wherever you go.

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