5 Best Dental Brochure Templates Example

Are your printed marketing materials representing your dental practice accurately, or are they falling short?

Your brochures are probably insufficient. You may have worked hard on them, but it’s not uncommon for dentists to have to wear several hats when running a practice. When money is tight, you may decide to do your own marketing, and despite your best efforts, you may end up with a brochure that does not serve you well.

The good news is that you can use the design tool to create something unique even if you can’t afford to hire a marketing firm to design your brochure.

Begin by customizing dental brochure templates online. We recommend PhotoADKing to assist you with your project. A professional brochure can customize in just a few clicks. Make a dental brochure template, print it, and hand it out to your audience. You can also share your brochure online directly from PhotoADKing.

Here we provide a specific thing to do to improve the brochure and also provide customized dental brochure templates example.

What Should Your Dental Practice Brochure Do?

Before we get into our recommendations, consider what a high-quality dental practice brochure should achieve:

It should be an accurate representation of your brand; anyone who reads it should be aware of your core values and the services you offer.

It should distinguish your practice from others in the field.

Readers should feel something when they read it (people buy with their hearts, not their heads). Its visual style should be distinct and compelling.

It really should communicate clearly the advantages of working with your practice.

Now, let’s go over the ten specific things you can do to improve your brochure and templates example.

1. Develop a Powerful Brand Message

The first step is to fine-tune your brand message. Every dental practice is unique, and the best way to attract patients is to have an effective dental marketing strategy that identifies and highlights the unique aspects of your practice.

Is your practice the only one in the area that provides sedation dentistry for nervous patients? Do you specialize in treating children with autism and other conditions that make going to the dentist difficult?

Whenever you create a single phrase in your brochure, think about what sets you apart from other dentists and how to present them.

It is crucial that you recognize your unique selling point and effectively communicate it to your current and prospective patients.

2. Identify the Benefits of Choosing Your Practice

In their brochures, many dental practices make the mistake of emphasizing features rather than benefits. Let us investigate the distinction.

Mentioning in your brochure that your practice uses digital x-rays is a feature. Many of those who see it will have no idea what it means or why it is significant.

You provide prospective patients with an incentive to choose your practice by emphasizing the benefit of digital x-rays, such as the fact that they use less radiation than traditional x-rays.

Are you emphasizing your office’s amenities in addition to these benefits? Do you have any cold drinks in the waiting room? Do you have Bluetooth headphones available? Recognize the impact that these amenities can have on someone looking for a dentist.

3. Come up with an Irresistible Title

Titles are significant. The name you give your brochure, along with the cover design and graphics, determines what a prospective patient’s first reaction will be when they see it.

Creating a catchy title for your brochure is difficult, but it is necessary. The best titles are those that pique people’s interest in your field.

4. Make the text readable

It is pointless to create a brochure if it is not enjoyable to read; however, many dental practices make this mistake.

Your patients are not interested in wading through dense blocks of technical jargon. You can talk about your cutting-edge treatments, but you must explain them in a way that anyone can understand.

A persuasive and conversational tone is ideal for your marketing brochure. It must be interesting and informative, and it must persuade people to contact you or visit your website.

If storytelling is really not your strong suit, hire an expert to write the text for your brochure. Clumsy prose in your brochure is not an option. Even if you write it yourself, have a professional editor/proofreader review it before sending it to the printer.

5. Use Lots of White Space

The next point to remember when creating a fantastic dental practice brochure is to leave plenty of white space.

White space is the empty space around and between paragraphs and images. A brochure’s use of white space makes it easier to read. If you’ve ever opened a book and found dense blocks of text, you’ll understand that text with lots of white space is easier on the eyes.

Use visuals, images, and pictures to create lots of white space and keep your sentences and paragraphs short. As a result, your brochure will be visually appealing as well as simple to read.

6. Choose Colors that Support the Brochure’s Message

When designing your brochure, the next thing you should think about is the color scheme. Colors can have a significant impact on people’s psychology, so selecting the right ones is critical.

Some colors have strong connotations. Patients associate white with a bright, attractive smile, so it is commonly used in dental practices. Green is frequently associated with natural cures and environmentally friendly practices, whereas blue conveys a sense of calm and competence.

Because you’ll most likely be using more than one color, select a color palette that is pleasing to the eye. Colors that compete with one another are undesirable. To achieve a pleasing effect, some practices employ varying shades of the same color.

Is this to say that you should never use a contrasting color? Obviously not. Complementary colors (those that sit opposite each other on a traditional color wheel) are popular; consider blue and orange, red and green, and purple and yellow. When using a blue color scheme, emphasizing key messages in orange can be very effective.

The most important consideration here should be selecting colors that complement your brand and the message of your brochure.

7. Use Original Photographs

Photographs should include in your dental brochure, but not all photographs can create equal. Stock photography has its uses, but some of them appear phony and posed, which is not the message you want to send to potential patients.

Taking high-quality photographs is now easier than ever thanks to advances in digital technology and editing software. Hiring a photographer to take photos of your staff, office, and patients is far superior to using generic stock photography.

When a potential patient picks up your brochure, you want them to know they’re seeing an accurate visual representation of your practice. It will not help you to use photographs from another office or actors posing as dentists and hygienists.

If you are unsure about your photographic abilities, consider hiring a professional to do it for you.

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We discuss the best dental brochure templates to assist you in creating eye-catching templates that will increase your marketing and customer reach.

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