5 Reasons to Have Morning Sex

No doubt, the best thing after waking up is to share a cup of coffee with your partner. But don’t you want to know another great way to entice your morning and have a refreshing start to the day? Have morning sex!

There is nothing better than getting busy with your loved one early in the morning. It is not only exciting but also full of benefits. Yes, morning sex is advantageous in many ways. It is effective in relieving stress, boosting your energy levels, getting you worked up for the rest of the day, etc. Not to mention, it strengthens the connection with your partner.

To be precise, there is no reason to exclude morning sex from your everyday life. Look further to know some amazing benefits of wake-up sex to start practising with your partner now!

Releases cuddle hormone- Oxytocin and endorphins

Morning sex can bring you closer to your partner. Sexual activities result in the release of oxytocin which is known as the cuddle hormone. This hormone is basically a chemical in the brain to control love and bonding. When it is released during sex, you will feel more connected with your partner.

Secondly, good sex also results in the production of endorphins.  These are the pain-relieving chemicals in the body that boost mood and bring positivity. This is probably the reason why you feel relaxed and happier after climaxing.

Good for immunity

Morning sex is one of the intimate activities to improve immunity. Getting frisky in the morning helps release Immunoglobulin A (IgA). It is an antibody which plays a vital role in the immune functions of mucous membranes.

Clearly, morning sex is beneficial for boosting immunity against bacteria, viruses, and germs.

Acts as a morning workout

Are you a fitness freak? Why not try morning sex, then? The best part is that you and your partner, both can get sweaty together and spice things up under the sheets. Sex includes physical exhaustion which equals a regular workout.

So, try burning calories with your partner in bed. Furthermore, you can incorporate dotted or ribbed condoms to add extra stimulation and have an intense lovemaking session.

Combats stress

Wake-up sex is an amazing way to show stress, the backdoor. It is observed that pleasurable activities lead to the reduction of stress levels by producing happy hormones in the body. It simply means that climaxing before heading to work can put you in a great mood and woo your worries to have a jolly day ahead.

Good for your brain too!

Want to give your brain or cognition a powerful boost? Morning sex can be the answer. Sexual activities in the morning affect the functioning of the brain positively. In particular, such actions release neurotransmitters and hormones such as dopamine- the feel-good hormone, to benefit brain health and cognition power.

These are some of the potential reasons to consider having a playful morning with your partner. Furthermore, along with these, many people suggest other advantages, such as sex makes you look younger, leads to more engagement and healthy sexual relationships, as well as helps deal with sexual anxiety effectively. You and your partner can also benefit from them.

Just make sure to use protection to be safe from pregnancy and STIs. Go for high-quality condoms from the best condom manufacturer in India like Manforce Condoms. They offer a wide range of protection, all electronically tested to offer delightful experiences with brand trust and reliability. Hope this article helped you get better insights on some amazing benefits of morning sex with your partner for an enjoyable day ahead.

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