5 Strategies to Boost Your Partner’s Mood

Whether you are a newly married couple or it’s been years since your relationship, maintaining
intimacy between you and your partner is the key to nurturing your bond of love and affection.
Being comfortable with your partner in bed and able to explore your sexual desires is crucial to
a happy and healthy relationship.

However, there are times when couples find it difficult to boost their partner’s mood due to the
daily hustle and bustle. Therefore, they tend to go through a phase of disengagement. To
overcome this, they try various ways, from planning date nights to doing chores together and
having conversations, etc. Some even consider taking the best birth control pills in India to rest
assured of pregnancy worries and explore new intimate opportunities.

So, if you also want to get things going between you and your partner with passion, love and
affection, read on. We have briefly explained different ways to boost your partner’s mood and
take your intimacy to the next level.

Start by caressing your partner

Showing love and care for your partner helps you build intimacy without having sex. Allow them
to relax and unwind, or maybe ask them about how their day was. You can try caressing their
face and hair to help them feel at ease and comfortable. Making these small positive gestures
at the right moment in the right way can help you gain unexpected results. Let them know that
you care about their well-being and are willing to make efforts to make them feel elated.
Besides, giving them a relaxing massage can be your best bet as it relaxes the sore muscles and
alleviates physical fatigue, thus improving your spouse’s mood.

Embrace the physical touch

One of the best ways to revive love hormones and improve your partner’s mood is to engage in
physical touch. Couples often underestimate the remarkable power of touch to connect and
bond. However, the magic of touch goes beyond physical intimacy. Most importantly, it helps
to foster a sense of trust and empathy between partners.

You might be surprised to know that a simple hug can elevate the mood of your partner by
increasing the production of feel-good hormones. Holding hands, cuddling, and other physical
gestures not only improve connection but can also help your partner cope with day-to-day

Keep your partner’s tastes and preferences in mind

Effective communication between couples helps to get a burst of positivity in the relationship.
For a strong companionship, you must know that it is equally important to value your partner’s
preferences, likes, and dislikes. Whether it is about taking your intimate relationship to the next
phase or planning for your future, make sure you know what your partner wants.
Even better, healthy communication helps you connect emotionally with your partner.
Understanding and respecting the opinions of your better half builds intimacy. Discussing their
thoughts on sexual desires and knowing what they enjoy and what makes it exciting for them
will help you get them involved in an intense love-making mood.

Consider Birth control to dive a bit deeper

In most cases, couples contemplate exploring their sexual and intimate fantasies with the fear
of encountering an unplanned pregnancy in mind. It might be possible that your partner is not
ready yet to take on parenthood responsibilities. Thus, ensure this doesn’t hold them back from
indulging in a stronger and more passionate relationship.

These days, there are many ways to prevent unwanted pregnancy, allowing couples to have fun
without stressing about unexpected outcomes. However, one of the most effective ways is to
use an oral contraceptive pill. It is the safest method for women to stay confident and avoid the
risk of an unplanned baby. You can trust some of the top oral contraceptive pill brands, such as
Unwanted21 days to plan your future the way you want.

Besides, it is always best to let your partner know that you are open to indulging their thoughts
and fantasies in your relationship. This will not only bring a sense of commitment but also help
to build a better understanding of the relationship.

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