5 Ways To Spot Best B2B Data Company for Business Success

Data is everywhere. Everything from a phone’s calendars to the hospital operates on data. Data is essential for any business to function and grow their revenue charter. Only updated and accurate data used in B2B sales and marketing efforts translate to success in the long run.


Current and accurate data gives an accurate picture of the ideal customer profile and buying committee of the target accounts. It also helps businesses understand the requirements and pain points of the target accounts. Consequently, marketing messages that address prospects’ pain points are also made much easier with accurate B2B data. 

The B2B data market is flooded with providers claiming to be the biggest or most accurate. What makes one better than the other?

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Here are five things to spot in the best B2B company for business:

1. Whitespace Discovery 

Most customer needs are unspoken and unmet. Businesses must leverage technology solutions to discover these needs and create new business opportunities. A B2B data partner should be able to provide such tech services that help assimilate large volumes of information and cut any clutter and unnecessary information. This power helps tap into the hidden insights of the customer ecosystem. It is called whitespace discovery. Untampered and fresh insights like these can help businesses stay ahead of their competitors and change marketing strategies quickly.

2. Data Governance

Data privacy is a big thing in today’s world. Every person is always worrying about the security of their data. That is why new laws and guidelines are issued yearly to protect the user’s privacy and prevent data misuse. Businesses want to work with B2B data companies that adhere to international data laws and regulations like CCPA, GDPR, etc. When choosing who to work with, one must go through every vendor’s collection, protection and verification process and discover how they source, manage, validate and sell their data.

3. Human verification

Humans have verified data has much higher accuracy, reliability, and productivity. Enterprises need human verification to plug data-quality gaps for configuring a better database for sales outreach campaigns. Companies should ask for human-verified ready-to-market contact data to ensure that DND/DNC or anti-spam filters opted by accounts are not triggered.

4. Customisable options

There are unique challenges, goals, and requirements for every organisation. Hence, marketing databases must be flexible. Any database should be able to help businesses benefit from it in all its different aspects. Before picking a B2B data company to work with, ensure they provide a customisable database. Also, enquire about the kinds of customisations they are willing to offer. The most important thing to check in a data company is if they understand the business needs and provide the solutions its sales and marketing efforts need.

5. Customer service

It is a key aspect of research when looking for the best B2B data company. Bad customer service has the potential to turn the perfect data into the poorest. It also ruins the customer journey. Look for a provider whose reviews mention the customer service they received. If possible, go via word-of-mouth recommendations.


Every enterprise must select a reliable B2B database service provider. After all, the B2B demand generation and sales strategies revolve around data. B2B data vendors are primarily concerned with helping sales teams close deals more effectively and quickly. Choosing the right database service provider for a business requires a carefully thought-out strategy.

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