7 Shapes in Which You can Get Your Eyebrow Waxed

Before makeup, anything that can make a face attractive is an eyebrow. Now it is no leaving at the will of your beautician to carve out the shape of your eyebrow. Also, you do not have to live with the eyebrow you are born with. Thanks to innovations like brow waxing that facilitated the transformation of eyebrows easy and perfect.

Here is the guide to different shapes of eyebrows that you can try on and change your looks. Beauty experts have the opinion of the eyebrows for face type. Following the suggestions of beauty experts or trying out a new one is now a snap of the finger. We would say go with the experts, for enhancing your appearance is a better option. Alkeme beauty, Eyebrow wax in Nashville is the one to go for when eyebrow shaping through waxing is on the card. 

Before we talk about the shape of eyebrows, let us tell you what eyebrow is waxing all about. Is it worth going when other options like threading are also out there?  

Eyebrow waxing is the brow removing and shaping technique involving the application of wax over the hairs and gently pulling them for removal. It is a better and more effective brow hair removal technique with numerous benefits than threading. 

Let us take a quick recap of its benefits – 

  • Waxing delays hair growth pace since it removes hairs from follicles. 
  • The less painful technique is brow waxing.  Visit Wax Nashvillefor painless wax at Alkeme beauty salon.  
  • Affordable and effective means of eyebrow hair removal techniques it is.  
  • It takes comparatively less time than other methods of hair removal. 
  • Flawless and imposing brows like models and celebrities 
  • Waxing leads to the growth of hair in particular shapes only. 
  • The eyebrow hair texture after waxing becomes soft from hard and thick. 

A few things that you need to tell your brow waxing technician before allowing her to shape your eyebrows- 

  • Share about the nature of your skin and if it is sensitive. 
  • Do tell your technician about the kind of wax you are allergic to. 
  • If you use any retinol-based beauty product, you must share it with your technician. 

An expert technician at Alkeme Beauty, eyebrow wax Nashville may not need to know since they have the expertise, but be at the safer end by disclosing your skin type and needs.

 Eye Brow waxing shapes  

Do not depend on the natural shape of your eyebrow, as you can opt for other exciting shapes. Also, choosing any brow shape is not a great idea because you can’t look good with any eyebrows shape. 

The shape of an eyebrow depends upon your face shape and its growth. It is always good to seek expert advice to ensure that your eyebrow enhances your beauty instead of making you look weird. Trust proficient technicians and eyebrow wax Nashville is the best choice in Nashville

      Heart shapes face – S-shaped eyebrows 

If you have a heart-shaped face, s-shaped eyebrows help you add spark to your facial look. This shaped brow makes the forehead look long and harmonizes with the pointed chin of heart-shaped face people. 

    Square face – curves eyebrows 

A curved eyebrow would make the square jawline look normal through its defined angles. It aids in reducing the impact of the broad jawline of the square-shaped face, along with harmonizing between the head and chin part. 

     Oval-shapedfaces- Angled brow

If you have an oval-shaped face, a mildly angled brow goes well with an egg-shaped face. Angular shape eyebrow projects the face features as they are without adding any illusion to it

     Rounded face – arch-shaped eyebrows 

If you are a gifted round-shaped face, you must go for arch-shaped eyebrows with no angle to them. The arch-shaped face gives the impression of a less widened look to the round face, which is said to puffy face. 

      Long face – Straight eyebrows 

Those with a long faces always look to have either haircut or other changes that can reduce the look of their long face. Get your eyebrows waxed straight-shaped to give your face cut a round shape. 

  Go for eyebrow wax in Nashville for the best or desired shape for your eyebrow.   We guess now you can get the best shape for your face type and have heightened beauty.

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