9 Best JRPG Creatures That Could Be Pokemon

The Pokedex could use these creatures from JRPGs. In JRPGs, there are many different kinds of monsters, each with its own look and story. A lot of JRPG creatures are foes that you have to fight, but some of them are helpful allies that you’ll be glad to see when you meet them in their games. Because there are so many JRPGs, there are a lot of creatures that could work in the Pokemon world.

These JRPG creatures would make creative Pokemon that you would want to add to your team as soon as you saw them. This could be because of their unique looks, their kind or mischievous personalities, or their overall interesting ideas.

Oink Oink: Pig Noise (The World Ends With You)

Neku can find Noise that looks like pigs in The World Ends With You by scanning different places. Pig Noise can be hard to beat because if you don’t erase them fast enough, they’ll run off the screen. They are drawn in a graffiti-like style that is a hallmark of the game and would make an interesting Pokemon.

Grafaiai, who is known for being a good painter, could be friends with Pig Noise. They could be good at graffiti and have a signature move like Doodle that shows this. To catch them, you might need a lot of Quick Balls, since they can move very fast.

Armed To The Teeth: Aligo (Xenoblade Chronicles)

Aligo are scary enemies that look like sharks. They show up in both Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and 3. Unlike real sharks, they don’t have to stay in the water because their strong arms let them walk on land. Even if it were a Pokemon, seeing an Aligo would be scary, especially if it ran after you with its arms out and its sharp teeth showing.

Because it has two different parts, an Aligo Pokemon would be a Fighting/Water type. Grapploct might have a rival in Aligo, since its Pokedex entry says it goes to land to find “an opponent to test its skills against.”

Ghostly Apparition: Dreadwolf (Octopath Traveler)

In Octopath Traveler, the Dreadwolf is a scary enemy and one of the best monsters that H’aanit can Capture and use in battle once the boss version has been defeated. It looks like a ghost because of its icy blue and black fur and piercing orange eyes. It looks like its mane and tail are floating, like wisps, because of the blue spots in its fur.

A Pokemon based on the Dreadwolf could use its ghost-like qualities in its mythology, and since it lives in the Maw of the Ice Dragon, it would hang out in icy caverns. It would make sense for it to be a Ghost/Ice type that roams the frozen wastelands and guards its territory.

Nipping At Your Nose: Jack Frost (Megami Tensei)

In the Megami Tensei universe, Jack Frost is a demon based on the fairy tale character who represents winter. It looks like a snowman dressed as a jester with two sharp teeth.

If Jack Frost were a Pokemon, its mischievous nature might come into play. It would play tricks on trainers and Pokemon who didn’t know what was going on. For example, it would use its ice powers to freeze the ground and make others fall. It could also use this method to get the upper hand in battle.

Nu Pokemon On The Block: Nu (Chrono Trigger)

The mysterious In Chrono Trigger, Nu are creatures that can be found in different places and times. Nu has an attack called “Head-Butt,” which either does one measly point of damage or lowers your HP to one. As a Pokemon move, this could be interesting because you have an equal chance of barely hurting your opponent or almost knocking them out in one hit.

A Nu Pokemon’s Shiny form might look like Spekkio’s final form as a pink Nu, which is one of the game’s most powerful Nu. The entry in the Pokedex could refer to the book The Mystery of Life, which can be found in Enhasa. This book says, “All life begins with Nu and ends with Nu.”

Out Of This World: Mr Saturn (Earthbound)

In Earthbound and Mother 3, Mr. Saturn and his friends live in the town of Saturn Valley. They would be funny Pokemon because they look funny and have fun personalities. Mr. Saturn are also symbols of innocence because of how kind they are. This is a trait that could be used to give their Pokemon counterparts the ability to help or heal.

All Pokemon have a unique cry, so a Mr. Saturn Pokemon could use the unique sounds they make at the end of their sentences, like “zoom” and “boing.” Overall, they would be cute but odd Pokemon.

Slimy But Smiley: Slime (Dragon Quest)

Slimes have been in almost every Dragon Quest game, making them one of the most memorable monsters. They have a gooey look and a permanent smile made of gum, which would look cute on a Pokemon.

Slimes are one of the weaker enemies, but they can join together to make the slime stack and the king slime. Its Pokemon counterpart could use these different forms to evolve into the King Slime, which would be its final form. Its Shiny could be silver, like the metal slimes, to represent them.

So Cute, Kupo: Moogle (Final Fantasy)

Moogles are small creatures with a round red nose, bat-like wings, and a single pom-pom on the end of their antenna. Over the years, they’ve changed how they look, but they’re still a big part of Final Fantasy. In the Pokemon world, a Moogle wouldn’t be out of place, and their personality would seal the deal.

Even though it looks innocent, a Moogle Pokemon would be smart. It might even be Psychic-type. Some Moogles can communicate with other Moogles through telepathy, and they can also teleport to faraway places, which their Pokemon counterparts could also do.

You’d Be Heartless Not To Catch Them: Heartless (Kingdom Hearts)

In the Kingdom Hearts series, Heartless are enemies that represent the darkness that lives in people’s hearts. Shadow Heartless are the most common, but there are many other kinds, each with its own design. Pokemon could use this idea through evolution and different forms.

For example, the Flan Heartless in 8 Ball Pool come in different flavors, just like Alcremie, and each flavor has a unique move that goes with the fruit it tastes like. All Heartless would have Dark as their main type, but they could also have a second type that shows how they are made.


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