According to Vn88 mobile, it’s time for Neymar to get out of the quagmire of vanity

Vn88 times revealed: This year Neymar is 30 years old, he seems to have fallen into the quagmire of vanity over the years. The World Cup is both a career goal and a release for the soul. reported that in Qatar this year, Neymar will be the first player after Pele to wear Brazil’s number 10 shirt at three World Cups. He needed just three goals to overtake Pele, becoming Brazil’s all-time top scorer. But if he didn’t win the gold cup with Brazil, he wouldn’t be anywhere near Pele. And not close to Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo either.

Personal titles evade

Neymar became a popular icon in Brazil early on. The goal scored against Flamengo while he was with Santos in 2011 to be awarded the best goal of the year, had suddenly created a Neymania frenzy that swept across Brazil.

Summarizing the information of Vn88cx times: Neymar is everywhere. Turn on the TV, drive down the street, walk into a store, all see a picture of Neymar. Brazilians race to wear the Neyhawk hairstyle. They screamed when they caught a glimpse of him getting in and out of cars, hotels and restaurants like he was a pop star.

He became the most expensive player on the planet. He is famous with the Copa Libertadores trophy and the Champions League. But none of the titles are truly his. It’s more of Messi’s. Even the Copa America title won by Brazil in 2019 does not have Neymar’s name on it. He did not attend the tournament due to an injury.

According to statistics, on the table of individual titles, Neymar is also not comparable to other compatriots. They all won the Ballon d’Or, and Neymar hasn’t. After two times standing on the podium with Messi and Ronaldo in 2015 and 2017 (both ranked third), Neymar has never been higher than 12th place in the vote in other years. this player’s words.

Even for two years, Neymar did not make the shortlist of 30 people. And when PSG reached the first Champions League final in 2020, France Football decided not to award this award due to the Covid epidemic. Anyway, if given, it must belong to Robert Lewandowski.

Out of this darkness, into another darkness

From time to time, Neymar tried to remind people that he was a genius. In 2017, Neymar almost single-handedly completed the greatest comeback in Champions League history. The first leg of the round of 16, Barca lost 0-4 in Paris. The second leg at the Nou Camp, Neymar scored twice and assisted Sergi Roberto to score a beautiful goal in injury time, helping Barca beat PSG with a total score of 6-5. But right after the quarter-finals, Barca lost to Juventus.

However, the big bosses of like PSG’s Qatar still remember Neymar. They opened the safe for 222 million euros to activate the release clause, bringing Neymar from the Nou Camp to Paris. Neymar chose to go, because Barca belongs to Messi. He wanted a place of his own.

Neymar stepped out of Messi’s shadow, but quickly realized that it was only to move into another darkness. One of the weakest of the top five in Europe. He was led into temptations, confusing his image with that of PSG. Excess, luxury, money can’t buy happiness, suffering from one humiliation after another in the Champions League arena.

He revealed to Vn88 times that he also intended to escape from Paris and return to the Nou Camp, but failed, staying in Paris to occasionally suffer insults from the fans who supported the home team. Messi is now in Paris again, PSG is more Messi and Mbappe’s team than Neymar’s

Having the reputation of “the child who refuses to grow up”

Commentators in Brazil call Neymar Peter Pan, the child who refuses to grow up, because his childish attitude and actions sometimes make people angry, sometimes make people laugh. Many people remember Neymar’s foul play when he was fouled at the 2018 World Cup. It became a popular meme around the world at that time.

Near his villa in Bougival, a suburb of Paris, there is a painting depicting Neymar as both Batman and Joker. Super hero and super villain in the same person. As a teenager, he shocked both the coach and the captain of Santos. The board of directors protects him because he is a precious gem that can be sold to bring in a lot of money for the club.

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