Advantages Of Under the Sink RO Water Purifier Over Counter-Top Water Purifier

In this modern world, water purifiers have become an indispensable part of our lives. The increased amount of impurities, contamination, and harmful elements has made homeowners think about investing in water purifiers. Depending on the type of water you get at your home, there are many advanced water filtration and purification technologies available to choose from. You can go for UV, UF, , RO, and much more. When it comes to the installation type, an under sink RO system and a countertop water purifier is the common choices among homeowners.

However, installing water purifiers in modern kitchens without affecting their appearance can be quite hard. Nowadays, kitchens are designed with top-notch cabinets and built-in sinks. Thus, to keep modernization /intact in the kitchen, people opt for ZeroB Kitchenmate RO+UF (Under the

Sink Purifier) which does not even take up a lot of space.

An under-the-sink RO purifier is the perfect option for those who  perfect choice for those who wish to remove viruses, bacteria, and parasites and eliminate pesticides, metals, and dissolved salts from their drinking water.  This type of under sink RO  is simple to install and saves a lot of space in the kitchen. Like other water purifiers, under-the-sink RO purifiers are also equipped with multiple purification stages to remove all the impurities dissolved in the water. ? so that user can get safe and clean water for drinking as well as cooking.

Now, let’s look at some major advantages of under-the-sink RO purifier over a countertop water purifier:

  • Space-Saving Design:

One of the main advantages of installing an under sink water purifier is its space-saving design. You can save a huge countertop space without making any adjustments with output quality of water purifier.

  • Higher Flow Rate of Water:

Another advantage of using an under-the-sink RO purifier over a countertop RO water purifier is the higher flow rate of the water. The under-sink purifier is equipped with a hydro-pneumatic tank that is good to maintain the water pressure, thus you get a higher water flow.

  • Water Doesn’t Spill Out:

Unlike countertops or wall-mounted water purifiers, you do not need to worry about water spilling out on the floor while filling the bottle. The tap of under-the-sink water purifiers is fitted next to the main water tap; thus you can easily fill the bottles.

The Bottom Line

Investing in an under-the-sink RO purifier is a wise decision but there are certain things to be considered before making a purchase. You should check your budget, maintenance cost, power supply, tap space, and the area where the installation of the water purifier will be done. Moreover, you should make sure that expert hands do the installation.

ZeroB  offers a wide variety of under the sink water purifiers in India.. ZeroB Kitchenmate Under The Sink  water purifier has  RO+UF variant which offers 7 stages of purification for optimal quality of water. For places where water TDS levels are low, ZeroB has a Kitchenmate Under The Sink UV variant. Their aim is to offer you the best products to meet your daily needs for pure & safe water. You can purchase the product directly from ZeroB official website & it will be delivered & installed free of cost.

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