Bangalore’s best trek : Kudremukh trek


Whether you want a one-day trek or a two-day trek, there are plenty of options in western ghats. Kudremukh trek in the heart of western ghats is considered as one of the best trek spots of western ghat range. read more about kudremukh in the article.  Are you looking for treks to explore in western ghats? in the scenic landscapes and amidst the greenery? There are numerous treks for adventure lovers which are different from each other.



Located in Karnataka amidst the heart of western ghats. The 3 days of trek elevating you to 6207 ft is one of the best treks in south India. witness some wilderness in the kudremukh national park. the trek enables you with stunning sceneries and witnesses the serenest sights in the heart of western ghats. The trek is located in some designated location that is easily accessible from Bengaluru and Mysore from an overnight bus. permission needs to be taken from forest officials before entering the forest area. The valley is surrounded by great mountains and hills which are encountered with the richness in flora and fauna, in the hills of western ghats. This region is the residence of many wild animals including leopards, keep an eye on it. though it is a very safe place to visit. Other animals include wild dogs, Indian bison, sambar deer, jackals, mongooses, squirrels, porcupines, and more. The stretch is 18 km in the distance so you should be in good health to do this trek easily. The initial part of the trail is easy but as soon as you reach the open land from the forest the trail becomes gradually steep.

kudremukh means the horse’s face and the peak resembles a horse face, which is why the peak got its name kudremukh peak. It is also the third largest peak in Karnataka. Kudremukh peak lies in the Chikmagalur district of karnataka. 



The horse face structure of the peak can be visible once you escape from the shola forest. the wide view is so fascinating to see. 


The dense forest rich in the wilderness is home to many species of plants and animals. Many small streams in the forest have drinkable water. Grassland and shrublands in western ghats are called shola. you will witness lion-tailed macaques, deer, leopards, Malabar giant squirrels, langurs, and many more. witness the diverse life of plants and animals in the shola forest.


After escaping from the forest, the rolling hills going to the top is a treat to the eyes. As soon as you reach the top the view will be more of an observatory of the Shola forest and the rolling hills going to the valley on one another. The misty weather during the monsoon is breathtaking. 



Monsoon is considered the best time to do kudremukh trek, as the valley And peaks get misty and the weather is so pleasant in monsoon. Kudremukh region receives good rainfall from June to September. witness leeches, sporadic showers, and thick clouds in the monsoon. 


Winter after the monsoons when the rain stops the terrains become brownish and the weather gets nicer and cooler which is also the best time to hike. The panoramic vistas of undulating hills are stunning in winters. 


Summer is the month of summer. It is the best time to observe wildlife in clear weather conditions and the view from the peak is also clear as crystal. you can observe every detail of the kudremukh surroundings. 


The nearest railway station is Mangalore railway station which is 120 km from the trek and the nearest airport is also in Mangalore which is 115 km. 

If you are planning from Bangalore, take an overnight bus which will drop you in the forest region by morning. You have to hire a sharing taxi or auto to get deep into the forest till you see the forest office. take permission as soon as possible because only 50 people get permission to trek for the day. 

start your trek as early as possible, it will give you extra time to spend in the wilderness and the summit. you have to exit the forest before 6 in the evening which is clear instructions by forest officials. After exiting the forest you can rest in your home stays in the nearby village or you can pitch your tent around them.

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