Best Electric Guitars For Beginners: Top 7 Picks From Guitar Center

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Squier Bullet Mustang

As a novice, focus on how an electric guitar makes you feel rather than its performance and stats. You’ll keep practicing if it’s fun, right? That’s why the Squier Bullet Mustang tops this list. No beginning electric guitar is more enjoyable to play than this one. Use Guitar Center Coupon Code and get your favorite guitar in low price

First, its size is ideal for younger players. The scale is smaller. Don’t underestimate the guitar’s performance. With an overdriven amp, the two humbuckers will challenge you as you improve! Hardtail bridges and humbuckers are prevalent on guitars of all genres. This guitar can handle rock, jazz, pop, metal, and country!


  • Ideal for younger players due to its compact size.
  • Easily manageable cost
  • Easy to pick up and plenty of fun to play


  • Price point is achieved at the expense of construction quality.

 Yamaha Pacifica Pac112v

Beginners love the 20-year-old Yamaha Pacifica PAC112V. If you asked 10 expert players, most would recommend this one. Because it’s one of the most versatile starter axes! The Guitar Center Electric Guitars construction quality, playability, and tone woods back up the claims. Yamaha’s enormous brand makes it even easy to suggest.

The 112V, like other Guitar Center Electric Guitars in the 30-year-old Pacifica line, emphasizes independence, performance, and playability. Its C-shaped, 22-fret neck is easier to operate. Yamaha’s high-quality workmanship and curved alder body make the instrument feel luxurious.

The model has a strong buzz, but its single coils and alnico V humbucker give it rapid dynamic response and a rich mid-range. As you become better and start smashing enormous, pro-like bends, you may have tuning issues. As a beginner, that’s usually the least of your problems, making this instrument the perfect pickup for most!


  • Incredibly adaptable P-90 soap bars
  • The Appeal of the Retro
  • Top-notch construction
  • Capacity for learning is rather good for an electric guitar aimed towards beginners.


  • Some younger players may find the neck to be overly bulky.

  Jackson Js22 Dinky

Jackson JS22 Dinky is fourth. Guitar Center Electric Guitars any beginner wants an axe that sounds, feels, and looks great. Jackson’s JS22 looks to have struck a home run, and for $200, it’s almost a gift to beginners! It’s ideal for beginners learning metal and rock. It’s designed for rapid and distorted genres. Jackson’s JS22 Dinky isn’t ideal for jazz, thus its audience is restricted. However, rock and metal fans should go for it.

The neck is fast enough to perform difficult solos. Every novice may enjoy the sleek metal stylings that make you seem stylish. However, the JS22 Dinky isn’t the best choice if you’re unsure about your genre. In such instance, a more adaptable option that can handle distorted and clean tones is ideal (like the Squier Bullet Mustang listed on top).

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