What is the average cost for BMW maintenance in 2023?

There are those who say it’s impossible to set a price on the performance. The typical BMW maintenance cost is definitely higher than the other brands however is it worth it to have this “ultimate driving machine”?

We’ll take a look at maintenance schedules and costs as well as the average cost for typical BMW repairs. We’ll also discuss the ways that routine maintenance and extended warranty protection can aid in reducing the annual BMW maintenance expense.

Our team has reviewed the most reliable extended auto warranty companies on the market and evaluated them on aspects like cost as well as service. If you’re considering extending the warranty to cover repair work on your BMW take advantage of free quotes from the top providers to determine the most affordable price.

How Much Is BMW Service Cost?

Let’s get to the issue: BMWs are expensive to maintain. According to Repair Pal the annual average BMW maintenance expense is 968. This covers routine maintenance and mechanical repairs. This is substantially over the industry standard of $652 annually. BMW owners typically visit repair shops around twice as often as the average industry. They also are slightly more likely to experience major repairs than owners of other cars.

In other words, if BMW maintenance is so expensive and people don’t like the vehicles? The answer is that it is a lot to be related to comfort and performance. The BMW isn’t just an ordinary vehicle to get you from A to B. The German automaker boasts that it is “the “ultimate driving machine,” in the end, it’s not even the cheapest commuter for the day.

However, reliability is something to be considered. Repair Pal rates BMW 2.5 in 5.0 rating and puts it in the 30th position of 32 auto brands. Let’s look at how some well-known BMW models rate in reliability:

BMW Service Schedule and the most common repairs:

The maintenance schedules for BMWs models from 2005 and before are built on two kinds of services. Service 1 occurs every 10,000 miles and involves an oil change and an inspection. Service 2 occurs every 30,000 miles and consists of changing the spark plugs and a more thorough examination.

Nowadays, BMW vehicles use a condition-based system that is monitored by computers. The same pattern is used to the system, however it will inform you of the best time you should get your vehicle serviced and what component requires attention, which could aid in saving on your annual BMW maintenance costs. This is a summary on the latest BMW maintenance plan:

If you’ve viewed other cars’ schedules of service it’s possible that an annual replacement of the spark plug for thirty-five miles is not enough. For BMW this is what it’s like.

The computer system will also let you know when you should inspect brake pads as well as coolerant for engine brakes, the brake fluid steering, transmission, and many more. Certain models come with special parts that require attention at various intervals, for example, those brakes made of carbon on M4 and M5 models. The BMW maintenance cost will differ in accordance on the computer in your car suggests.

Common BMW Repairs:

Beyond routine maintenance mechanical repair is also an element into the annual BMW maintenance costs. Here are a few fixes customers typically face on the most popular models, and how much they will cost, based on RepairPal:

How can you cut down on BMW Maintenance Costs?

It’s likely that you’ve already heard that BMWs are expensive to maintain. However, if you’re interested in to buy a BMW there’s a cost you’ll need to pay. There are options to reduce your BMW maintenance costs on the low end of the spectrum.

Most important to remember is to make an appointment with your mechanic when your car requires service. If you keep up on the scheduled service schedule, you’ll be able to detect problems earlier and avoid costly repairs down the line.

All BMWs purchased from 2017 on include 3 years/36,000 miles of complimentary maintenance, referred to as BMW Ultimate Care. It covers all the items listed in the schedule of service and includes the first spark-plug repair. You can also choose of extending BMW Ultimate Care for up to 7 years/25,000 miles at cost. There are several plans that provide various kinds of service.

BMW Extended Warranty Plans:

In addition to regularly maintaining a BMW having an extended warranty may assist you in staying within your budget and make BMW maintenance more manageable. You can purchase an extended warranty through BMW or an independent warranty service.

Three BMW extended warranties that you can select from that will provide coverage for your car until 100,000 miles. The plans require you visit the dealership to get repairs. While this might sound like a good idea however, it may cost you more in the end in the event that you need to cover non-covered parts along with repairs covered by the plan. There is also less flexibility to select your preferred mechanic in this case.

However independent providers permit you to visit any authorized repair shop to obtain insurance. Third-party insurance plans will be covered for up to 200,000 or 250,000 miles and usually come with advantages like roadside assistance as well as rental car insurance.

Most reputable providers offer the services we described previously, including suspension ball joints and starter replacements and more. In all times, an extended third-party warranty is a cost-effective method of covering the repairs on the BMW.

Recommendations for Extensive Auto Warranties:

There are many different extended service contracts are alike It’s crucial to compare quotes from multiple providers and then compare the coverage. We’ve reviewed every one of the top service providers in the business and recommend taking a look at Endurance as well as Protect My Car.


After evaluating several providers, we chose Endurance as the top option overall for extended warranty protection. The company has been in existence since 2006 and covers cars up to 200,000 miles. Endurance is direct-provider meaning there’s no middleman who can hinder the claims process.

Customers have had positive experiences with Endurance on all levels and rate the company with an overall 4.2 out of a 5.0-star score on Trust pilot with more than 2000 reviews. Endurance’s six warranties offer a wide array of benefits, including roadside assistance repairs credit and identity theft protection and no-cost replacement of tires. The company also offers an option that includes regular maintenance with mechanical breakdown protection, gargashauto.

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