Bruce Weber On Black & White Fashion Photography

Color adds a sense of vibrancy to photos. If someone wants vivid details, one will turn to colored photos without hesitation. However, black & white, despite its dated appeal, still possesses elegance to hold the beholders stunned. But black & white photos need a photographer with skill and an eye for details. When one takes a photo that does not have the support of color, one needs to know the art of bringing out the inner depth of the subject. From the backdrop to the model, everything gets highlighted because the lack of color frequently centralizes focus on these elements of photos. One has to pay attention to the setting of a photograph, the same way one has to place the models at the right angle. 

Bruce Weber On Black & White Photos

Bruce Weber is a well-known fashion photographer. He has developed his reputation of being a creative photographer because of his imagination and eye for detail. When Bruce takes photos, he does not try to be anything other than a capturer of the moment. He believes in learning from everything and this approach has enabled him to become a master in his field. Bruce has made a name in the fashion industry for being a helpful veteran. He coaches aspiring photographers and helps them realize their dreams of being in fashion photography. Bruce has written multiple books on photography. His books are available online which one can study to understand the fashion industry. During his career, he has also worked as a basketball coach.

Bruce On Black & White Photos

Bruce uses color films to take photos. But he likes black & white photos as well. He says that sometimes a photographer can achieve more without color. Some photos deserve the shadowy appeal of black & white. However, to bring out the appeal of a photo that does not have the support of color needs skilled hands. Here is a quick list of tutorials to make a black & white photo stand out

Bruce On Using Contrast

When color is not available, one needs to use the sharp appeal of contrast. To make a photo look good and appealing, a photographer must place the model at an angle that creates the best contrast. A heavily shadowy background is the best backdrop for a model wearing white. The photograph will accentuate the model and amplify the appeal of the background. One needs to remember that the basis of fashion photography is sales. The photographs are tools using which brands appeal to the buying instinct of buyers. Due to this, when using black & white photos, the photographer must accentuate the product by placing it against a dark background.

Bruce On Using Shadows

Shadows are the best friends of photographers who want to take black & white photos. It is because shadows create visual textures. If darkness does not seem too appealing, one can always place the model against tree bark. It adds texture to a photo that does not vibrate with color.

Bruce Weber likes black & white photos because they can achieve a lot. But he also likes colored photos because color allows a photographer to create the right atmosphere.