Can you buy Google Voice?

You must pay for a monthly Google Voice plan, but after that base subscription price the local calls you make with a Google Voice number are free and international calls come at a small fee. If you are calling from the U.S., most calls to Canada are also free. For example, if you call someone in Canada and you make 10 calls in one month, you can use 1,000 minutes worth of calls.

With a monthly bill of $15 for the phone line and another $30 per month for a smartphone plan (with unlimited data), you’ll only have to spend $60. That’s the same amount as you would have spent if you called from your Buy Google Voice cell phone. All of those calls will ring on your cell phone number, which will remain the same. Google Voice calls will show up on your caller ID.

The phone service allows you to make calls over Wi-Fi. It works with your cell phone to provide a separate phone number. The calls appear to come from your cell phone carrier and your calls are routed through Google’s servers.

To place calls with Google Voice, you have to download the application. You can use it from an Android phone, Blackberry, or iPhone. Once downloaded, the app can be used with Gmail and Google Maps.

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