Different Types Of Granite Countertops Come At Different Costs

One of the most popular options for kitchen countertops is granite, it adds value to the home, it is elegant and high-end and it is all on the upper end for the expense. Granite countertops Toms River do not all come in only one highly expensive option though. There are different types depending on your budget that you can consider so here is a closer look.

Modular granite

If you do not mind having some seams in your countertops then modular granite countertops Brick Township NJ could be a good option. They are made from smaller slabs of granite that have been cut down to suit a kitchen. You can create different looks with them, you get all the advantages of granite sill, and you can even save money on installation if you have someone capable and experienced since it does not need special handling. In fact, modular granite is somewhere between three to four times less expensive as long as you are happy with having seams.

Slab granite

Slab granite is what you probably think about when you are thinking of the high-end, more pricey granite countertops Toms River. These are not suitable to install yourself, it requires professionals and that is part of the reason their cost is much higher. Large slabs of granite are mined and then cut off-site, to the measurements of your kitchen. People who try to move and install these slabs often end up cracking and damaging their stone, which is a hugely expensive mistake. If you are choosing granite that is local, or at least in the same country that can reduce the cost, but if you are in the US looking at Italian granite, then those costs go up a lot.

Tile granite

The cheapest option if you still want granite is to get it in tile form. This of course means this is the worst one for having seams, but you can install it yourself if you are good at DIY. Granite countertops Brick Township NJ can be achieved with tile granite when you attach them with epoxy, not mortar and then grout. These tiles tend to be repurposed from being originally granite floor tiles. Seams are not something some want a lot of in the kitchen, because grime might collect there, but if you want granite and have a small budget and are prepared to clean often then this is the answer.


People assume that all granite countertops are expensive and are therefore out of reach for some people. However, there are different types of granite countertops. Slab might be out of your reach, but modular might not be, or tile is there too. Another way you can save money is to choose a lower-quality granite. In this situation this just means it is not a rare granite, it is still attractive and durable. It tends to be a good idea to have a professional handle any installation, but if you absolutely need to cut costs somewhere else still you can with experience install tile or modular countertops.

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