Do removal companies dismantle beds?

It is not obligatory to pay a tip, nor is it expected, and in case you decide to tip, it is entirely up to you. No one should ever have any concerns regarding whether to tip or not. There is no obligation and it is not expected at all. It is only your discretion as to whether you choose to tip or not, but we can assure you that our prices do not include any tip, whether it is a personal or business move.

All the Movers charge is a small amount for the day rate they are paid by the customer so it should always be fair to pay a tip as well. In addition it is common practice to tip people on a domestic move as well. There is no requirement Affordable Removals Bristol to tip as it is down to the discretion of the customer but we feel that people do tip a domestic move as well. There are no specific rules that state that a customer must tip as it is left up to their own discretion. A customer may choose to tip at the end of the day if they wish however there is no obligation to tip and it is not compulsory to tip someone moving house.

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