Enabling Netgear Smart Connect on Extenders [Quick Guide]

Netgear range extenders have never failed to impress the digital world with their jaw-dropping characteristics. Whether it is about delivering unparalleled speeds or expanding WiFi signals to farther distances, they have everything a technical user demands. The only thing required from the end of the user is to access mywifiext.local or mywifiext.net to configure and tweak the extender’s settings. This post is written to guide you about the mystical feature of Netgear extenders – Smart Connect. What is Netgear Smart Connect and why do we call it mystic? Read on to find out.

What is Netgear Smart Connect?

Like every other feature possessed by the Netgear range extender, the Smart Connect feature is also programmed to customize the user’s digital experience. It serves the job of facilitating the user to get shifted to the frequency band offering faster internet speeds. However, to utilize this feature, both frequency bands (5GHz and 2.4GHz) of your extender need to have the same SSID and password. Given in the next section are the instructions that will help you enable the Netgear Smart Connect feature.

How to Enable Netgear Smart Connect?

Load an Internet Browser

We’re assuming that your Netgear extender is already powered up and sharing a stable connection with the main access point. Therefore, start the process of enabling Smart Connect with the launch of an internet browser on your PC. However, you need to ensure that the PC chosen for the process is not running on an outdated OS. Additionally, the web browser you picked should not be cached. If you’re using its updated version to enable the Smart Connect feature, then the chances of you getting success with the process increase.

Visit mywifiext.net

Once you feel that the web browser is ready to assist you with the process, consider inputting the default web address mywifiext.net into the URL bar and hit Enter. This is to clarify that the web address that we’ve just mentioned is applicable if you’re trying to access your range extender using a Windows OS. You need to use mywifiext.local, if you wish to enable the Netgear Smart Connect feature using an iOS device.

Enter Your Username and Password

After a successful visit to mywifiext.net or mywifiext.local, you’ll see a window prompting you to key in the default values (username and password) of your extender. If your range extender is still running on the default values, then consider inputting them. In case you’ve modified them, the new details of the extender will help you. Do not forget to hit Log In after the password and username entrée is completed.

Enable Smart Connect

Right after you get logged in to the Netgear device, the BASIC Home screen will assist you. Here, you will see a number of tabs out of which selecting the Settings menu will be your next step. After that, select Wireless to reach the page displaying Wireless Settings of your range extender. Look for the Smart Connect option and wait for the window to shift. Select the Yes radio button to enable the feature. Let us remind you again that enabling this feature will only be possible if your range extender has the same SSID and password for the 24.GHz as well as the 5GHz band. Do not forget to save the changes after making your choice.

This is how you can enable the Netgear Smart Connect feature on your range extender. Now, you can roam freely around your house while using the internet. Because the Smart Connect feature will automatically shift you to the frequency band offering higher speeds. This feature is also helpful if you want to use the internet on multiple devices.


From launching the web browser to saving the settings, this post covered everything with respect to the Netgear Smart Connection feature. However, we want to let you know that your range extender needs to be getting a constant power supply during the process no matter whether you’ve done Netgear EX2700 setup or Netgear N300 setup.

Additionally, your extender and router need to be in a constant connection if you’ve enabled the Smart Connect feature. However, it’s all your choice to go with a wired or wireless source. We hope that you’ll take care of the things we’ve just shared and enable the feature keeping them in mind to make the most of your WiFi device.

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