Exercises that keep your brain active and help reduce the risk of dementia


Dementia is a kind of disease caused by damage and changes in the brain. The common cause of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease. It mainly occurs after the age of 60. The patient is unable to remember anything. Sometimes they go back to the previous days and behave oddly.

Dementia can be treated with the help of some exercises. However, it doesn’t have any specific medicine to cure properly. The intensity of the disease can be reduced but it cannot be cured completely. 

Dementia Effects

Some exercises help the patient to get relief from dementia. There is no proper answer when the patient can start to take precautions for dementia. The health department stated that the patient needs some physical activity five days a week. Physical activities seem very essential for diverting the mind. Here we are going to discuss some of the exercises which can provide mental and physical relief. Moreover, dementia can also be cured if proper medications are taken regularly. 

  1. Walking: Dementia mainly occurs in elderly people. So, they cannot run or jog. The best method is to walk every day slowly. It will be better if they walk twice a day in the morning and evening. Walking doesn’t require any equipment and you can walk any time of the day. Moreover, brain exercises are much needed. The brain should not be kept idle. One should always remain physically active to overcome the problems. Walking is good physical exercise. While walking, if you feel tired then take a rest for a while. When you feel good then start walking again. Walking will relieve your brain and give you relaxation.
  1. Swimming: Another important exercise is swimming. It gives relaxation and helps in providing mental satisfaction. However, dementia patients also suffer from Perkins disease. They suffer from balance problems. To get rid of this problem, swimming is one of the great exercises. However, do not leave the patient alone in the pond or pool. Swimming under the supervision of anyone is good for the patient. The patient often finds to stay in the pool shooting and cool. The water makes them feel happy. The main thing about dementia is that patients need relaxation. Researchers also claimed that swimming may help to reduce physical problems and also improve balance. 
  1. Gardening: Not everyone has a good garden. However, if you have a small garden then you can enjoy the scenic beauty. The dementia patient should take out some time and spend it gardening. It is good to spend some time in nature. Moreover, you can view the outdoors and nature. Gardening requires lots of stress and time. It is better not to take that stress like weeding and pruning. Instead of that, provide water to the plants and with the help of scissors, trim those. It will give a better view and you can enjoy the moments as well. Dementia patients need proper engagement so that their minds get relaxed. 
  1. Seated exercise: As we know that dementia patients are mainly aged. So, some of the seated exercises are good for them. If the instructors show them the videos then they can perform those. Other than that, they can also see the exercises in the videos. The exercises are good at maintaining the muscles and are less complicated than the exercises in the standing position. This is good for physical and mental health. Some of the seated examples are clapping under the legs, marching, and raising the heels and toes. If your body feels easy then you can also perform bicycling, practice moving to standing and sitting, and raise the opposite arm and legs. It will help your muscles and you will feel good. 
  1. Housework: Doing some household chores is also good. It strengthens the muscles and provides energy. Often people think that dementia patients need only rest. It is not like that. The patients need to do some of the household work like dusting, vacuuming, folding laundry, etc. It will provide you with energy as well as some sort of engagement. Dementia can only be cured with the cooperation of family members. 
  1. Cycling: Cycling is one of the good exercises for dementia patients. You can purchase a tandem bicycle. It helps you to sit in the front and center of the bike. On the other hand, the passenger sitting at the back can pedal. Dementia patients generally have problems with balancing, so you can hire a three-wheeled bicycle for the patients to ride. while you can cycle alongside them. It is often noticed that sitting constantly makes them gain weight. Instead of that, start cycling and make your brain strong. 
  1. Dancing: Dancing doesn’t seem to be an easy job, especially for dementia patients. Those who are suffering from Perkins avoid dancing. However, it will be better if you consult your physician before dancing. Do not shake your body tremendously. It will be harmful to your body. It is good for you to start with easy steps. If dementia patients don’t have any idea about dance then they can start with square dancing. It is easy and good. Do not jump or move during the dance. It will not provide you with entertainment. Moreover, do not try to perform any such things which might cost you later on. 

Final Thoughts

To conclude it can be said that dementia can never be cured. On the other hand, dementia patients didn’t die easily. The intensity of the problem can only be cured under proper medications. All of us mustn’t neglect dementia patients. The situation can get worse if dementia patients are not treated. 

However, these are some of the helpful exercises. We are sure that apart from proper medications if the exercises are done properly then the patient can overcome the problem. The cause of this disease is unknown now. As soon as the patient started to age, the brains started to function less. That is why the brain needs to function properly. 

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