Ferrari GTB Twin-Turbo Engine – Amazing Facts to Know

Ferrari has produced probably the best and fastest cars the industry has ever seen, and they are not done yet. The latest on the line is Ferrari GTB 296, the hottest model, and riders crave it for a thrilling drive. It has just come out of Maranello, and you would be amazed by its awe-inspiring engine specifications. This post will uncover amazing factors about the Ferrari GTB twin-turbo engine, and you will be glad to know them. This latest mid-engine car looks stunning, and the V6 engine specs will leave you WOW! Keep walking with us to learn more!

Ferrari GTB Twin-Turbo Engine Facts:

The Ferrari GTB twin-turbo V6 engine is worthy of praise because of its engineering and specifications. Riders can criticize it for having only two cylinders, opposite to what we are used to, but it can run faster. The clever engineering promises the utmost performance, and you will never feel disappointed behind its wheel. Before you take this vehicle out for a spin, you better go through the following points to understand its engine mechanism.

1. Highest specific output:

Do you know that the combined power output of a Ferrari GTB 296 is 819 horsepower? It is an impressive number, and enthusiastic riders will never wait to take it out for a thrilling drive. The engine is powered by a hybrid powertrain consisting of two axial flux electric motors. Moreover, the addition of a 2.9-liter twin-turbo V6 engine further fuels the combined output, which ensures an 8100 RPM and 740 NM torque.

The engine can produce 218 horsepower per liter, breaking the previous record of AMG-A45S, which produced a specific output of 211 horsepower per liter. The story does not end here; if you add the 165 hp electric motors, the specific out per liter will jump to 277 hp.

2. Uses new alloy:

The design of the engine is essential for giving a solid performance. It should be vigorous yet additionally light, which is why another alloy that can endure the most extreme tension without forfeiting lightness or unwavering reliability has been fostered. The combustion chambers are acquired from the SF90 Stradale yet have been updated for a superior inlet flow.

Ferrari has gone for a new one; the type of alloy used in an engine can define your performance. The revised inlet flow can give optimal performance and output under normal conditions, and you can enjoy a thrilling ride. Do you want to take a Ferrari out for a spin to feel its rumbling engine? Consider contacting rent Ferrari Dubai companies and driving the car of your dreams!

3. A 120-degree V-Angle:

The wide V-angle of 120 degrees in Ferrari 296 GTB resembles what McLaren did to the Artura. The packaging will bring countless pros to the table with no drawbacks or cons on the list. However, non-technical riders will ask the question: What does the wider V-angle mean? Here is the answer; it means a lower center of gravity!

The wider angle also allows the manufacturer to place bigger turbochargers inside the V, closer to the exhaust manifolds. Improved heat dissipation is another tremendous advantage of wider angles, which practically eliminates the possibility of overheating.

4. Revised turbochargers spinning:

The twin IHI used in Ferrari GTB 296′ engine is not just taken from F8 Tributo. Rather, they are thoroughly revised and reconstructed with even stronger materials. Did you know that the twin turbochargers can spin at a maximum speed of 180,000 RPM? It is an impressive number, and not every car manufacturer can get to it!

There have been quite a few changes in the engine specifications of this specific model for improved efficiency. The turbocharger wheel bearing diameter has been reduced by 5%. Furthermore, the actual rotor was also reduced by 11%. Ferrari revealed that these changes would lead to an 11% less weight and 24% better efficiency for the turbos.

5. High-pressure injectors:

The air-fuel mixture’s high turbulence degree and fuel distribution translate to more power and efficiency. Here is simple math for you to understand; the faster the fuel injection into the combustion chamber, the better! The Ferrari’s F163 engine fuel injectors can inject fuel to the combustion chamber at 5,003.8PSI (345 bar).

Combined with the revised inlet tract, these injectors can ensure optimal air-fuel mixture before ignition. Do you want to take a Ferrari for a thrilling drive with your loved ones? Consider contacting car rental companies and take your dream car for a spin!

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