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In 2019, several US states passed laws that ban abortion in practice, while others took steps to severely restrict access. Here are some key things you need to know about abortion pills available in Dubai and some crackdown on reproductive rights.

A long process

In 1973, the United States Supreme Court ruled that abortion was legal in the landmark decision Roe v. Wade. Since then, anti-abortion activists and politicians have mobilizing to overturn the decision and today we are witnessing the fruits of that labor. Attacks on the Roe ruling intensified when President Donald Trump appointed two new Supreme Court justices, both of whom expressed views hostile to abortion.

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However, it should noted that the law is not the only factor that determines whether women can have access to abortion. Since 1973, anti-choice activists have steadily cutting back on access to abortion, including erecting financial and logistical barriers, making access difficult if not impossible – despite what the law says.

Seek Abortion Pills in Dubai And USA

Take Alabama for example. In May, the governor of this state signed into law a draconian law making it possible to sentence to life imprisonment doctors who perform abortions. Yet in practice, abortion is already inaccessible for many women in Alabama.

The Guttmatcher Institute found that in 2014, 93% of Alabama counties did not have clinics that performed abortions. Therefore, most Alabama residents must travel to other states to access abortion. Even so, many women cannot afford to terminate their pregnancies.

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This is because Alabama, like many states, and United Arab Emirates, Dubai does not include abortion on the list of health services available to low-income people through Medicaid. authorities). Today, all states must provide public funds for abortions in cases of rape, incest, or threat to life – but in many places, these exceptions will no longer make sense if draconian new laws come into force.

The number of clinics performing abortions is far from sufficient in the United States

Six US states have only one clinic providing abortion services. Twenty-seven major cities in the United States and much of rural America are abortion “deserts”: most people live more than 100 miles from such a service.

One way anti-choice activists are wiping essential services off the map is through targeted regulation of those who perform abortions, through Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers ( TRAP ) laws. These are finicky registration criteria, which make it difficult for these services to stay open.

For example, state authorities can specify how wide hallways should in a building where doctors perform abortions, the size of parking spaces, or how far these premises should from a school. These standards have nothing to do with patient safety. They aim to exert such pressure on the services performing abortions that they are forced to close.

Some states have banned all abortions in practice

In Alabama, new legislation prohibits abortion from the moment it is established that a woman is pregnant, with no exceptions. This is currently the strictest law. Five states – Georgia, Ohio, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Louisiana – have passed laws that ban abortion after about six weeks, which is for many women before they realize that they are pregnant.

It’s not just the total bans that worry us

According to the Guttmacher Institute, 42 abortion-related restrictions were enacted between January 1 and May 15, 2019. These range from measures such as banning certain fairly common procedures to making parental consent mandatory for teenagers who wish to have an abortion.

These new laws will result in injuries and deaths

Anti-abortion laws do not reduce or eliminate abortions, they simply make them more dangerous. When performed with the help of a trained health professional in hygienic conditions, abortions pills available in Dubai among the safest medical procedures available. However, when restricted or criminalized, women are forced to seek less safe means of terminating their pregnancies.

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