Hillandale Farms- A Certified Trusted Industry

Hillandale Farms was founded in 1958 in Ohio by Orland Bethel as a hollowed egg purchasing and selling activity. A family-owned industry with a long-term aspiration, the business is unwavering in its commitment to offering good products as well as expert guidance to its main house brand purchasers, as well as providing the employees with a challenging and satisfying work atmosphere.

Hillandale has experienced outstanding development as a result of its buyer and supplier notoriety, investment in certified organic and acquisition, as well as a marketing strategy method that fulfills consumer demands & preferences, such as the advancement of cage-free manufacturing capacity.

Hillandale Farms prioritizes the health of its laying hens. They devote considerable resources to research that has allowed knowledge of the actual livestock farming, and they employ this information to enhance the quality of life and well-being of laying hens.

Animal welfare is not only crucial to their industry, but it is also a vital part of their organization. Hillandale Farms believes that great resource preservation includes treating animals in their medical services in a humanistic and caring manner, so they go way beyond expectations and guidelines to guarantee that the hens are very well cherished as an integrated element of their egg production process. Hillandale Farms’ company culture revolves around hen care.

Certifications Of Achievement

Hillandale has achieved a lot these past few years. They have earned a great many certificates for their amazing services towards nature and human well-being. 

United Egg Producer Or UEP is a prestigious certificate that Hillandale Farms has received. This certificate signifies that the eggs have been raised following scientific guidelines. Receiving this certificate makes Hillandale one of the most trusted egg suppliers.  

The Achievement of the American Humane Association Certification

This is another certificate that Hillandale received due to their services. They ensure everything is followed according to the guideline. This attitude has succeeded in earning Hillandale its success and reputation. 

Animal Welfare Program at Hillandale Farms:

Hillandale is known for its animal welfare programs. The farm has a strong focus on animal health. The management also pays attention to animal wellbeing. Animal cruelty is strongly prohibited on this farm. The employee code and conduct ensure that anything slightly related to animal abuse will get reported immediately. The company culture is based on a dedication to animal welfare. Moreover, to meet quality standards and accreditations, they create their Animal Welfare Program to advance the health and well-being of hens throughout their lifespans. Each employee receives proper animal welfare training after joining Hillandale. 

Recent Development At Hillandale 

At Hillandale Farms, the technical support team studies chicken well-being at all phases of development as well as uses the findings to improve their comprehension of the design process and ways to optimize the state of the environment in chicken housing units. They search for novels required to develop chicken chambers and cage-free nestlings that are perfectly safe for wildlife. They further create feed treatments to make sure that the nutrition to their hens’ gains at various developmental stages satisfies their nutritional requirements while reducing wastage.