How to Basics and Choosing Blogging Service

Once you have an idea of how you want your blog to look. The next step is to choosing blogging service that you will use to create your blog. There are many website and blog hosting services, which one should you use? It depends on what you want to share and how you want to share it, you might want to share it with a microblogging service like Tumblr or Twitter or a social network like Facebook.

This lesson will introduce you to popular blogging services. Once you learn about these services, you will be able to determine which one is best for you.

What is a Blog Service?

A Choosing Blogging Service is a website that helps you create and maintain a blog. Hosting Your Blog This means that your blog has its web address or URL. Every blogging service is different. But they all allow you to share opinions, interests, photos, etc. There are two basic types of blogging services:

Traditional Blogging Services

Traditional choosing blogging service help you create a website for your blog. Blogs created with these services have sections, categories, and other features. It allows you to organize your blog posts. These services also have features that allow you to authorize and manage comments. As well as tools to customize the look and feel of your blog.

Traditional blogging services are best for content-heavy blogs. Although you can use it for any type you want. The best-known blogs usually use traditional blogging services. If you want to know more information about Blogging Service I will suggest Rainbow Blogs.

Microblogging Service

Microblogging services allow you to create very short blog posts. It’s usually just a line of text, an image, or a link. Most microblogging services are designed to be used in a specific way. For example, Twitter limits messages to 280 characters. Users can type whatever they want. but must be less than 280 characters. Social networking sites that allow sharing, such as Facebook, can also be considered microblogging services.

Traditional Blogging Services

The two biggest local blogging services are WordPress and Blogger, both of which allow you to create and customize your blog. And both have good options for creating all kinds of messages. The main difference between the two is the options and amenities available.


WordPress is the most popular traditional blogging service. Offers advanced blog customization features to help you control your blog’s appearance and manage comments. blog post drafts etc. Some of the more advanced tools are for those familiar with HTML, a special computer language used to format websites. Even if you don’t know anything about HTML, you can still customize the look of your WordPress blog using templates or themes.

The downside to these options is that the WordPress blog management interface, called the dashboard, can be a bit confusing to navigate at first. However, WordPress offers a variety of support tools to help you get started.

  • For more information about WordPress, check out the Learn WordPress videos and tutorial sites or visit the official WordPress support page.


Blogger is the second most traditional blogging service. It offers slightly more blog customization and management features than WordPress, but there are still plenty of ways to control the look and feel of your blog. Including a wide selection of themes because there are fewer options. Blogger’s interface is simpler than WordPress, so it’s easier to use.

Blogger is a Google product, so it’s easy to get started with Blogger if you already have a Google account.

  • Do you want to know more? Visit the Blogger Help Center or watch more video tutorials on Blogger’s official YouTube channel.

Microblogging Service

Tumblr, Twitter, and Pinterest are three popular micro-sites. You can use the social network Facebook to share.


Tumblr is a microblogging service that allows you to create and update your blog. People use Tumblr to share photos, videos, links, and text messages. Tumblr’s simple publishing tools and visually appealing layout make it ideal for photo blogging. Humor blogs and other blogs are frequently updated with short posts.

  • Like most blogging services, Tumblr has options to customize the look and feel of your blog. In other ways, Tumblr is similar to a traditional blog.


Pinterest is a microblogging tool that lets you create and share interesting collections of links, images, and more. These collections are called boards. What you share on your Pinboard is shared with others on Pinterest, who can add your posts to their boards. Pinterest is a great tool if you want to share your passion.

  • To learn more about Pinterest, visit our Pinterest page. This will show you how to add an account. Create boards, share posts, and more.

Don’t worry about writing and maintaining your blog.


Unlike Tumblr or other blogging services, Twitter has a tool that allows you to post updates in less than 280 characters. You can’t use Twitter to create your blog. Instead, your updates appear on your Twitter profile, a feed that people can view or follow. People use Twitter for many reasons. Stay up-to-date and chat with friends, including sharing news and events. If you have a traditional blog, Twitter is a great way to promote your blog by connecting with other bloggers. Link to your blog post.

  • To learn more about Twitter, visit our Twitter tutorials. There, you’ll learn how to create an account, start posting, follow other people’s posts, and more.


The biggest social networking site in the world is Facebook. The main reason people use Facebook is to connect with friends and family. However, sharing is an important part of the Facebook experience. You can post links, photos, and videos on your profile. Share long blog-like posts using the Notes tool. If you don’t want to start your blog and sometimes want to share, Facebook can be a great way to do that.

Many people use Facebook to share information with people they know. However, you can also use Facebook to reach a larger audience by letting others follow what you share. or by creating a Facebook fan page

  • Visit our Facebook tutorial to learn more about Facebook sharing.

Even if you decide to use a traditional blogging platform to build your blog. You can also update your blog using microblogging. Many bloggers maintain Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest profiles specifically for their blogs in order to promote those blogs. (Learn more about promoting your blog in Chapter 5.)

Which Blogging Service Is Right For You?

Choosing the right blogging service is important. Your blog service affects the look and feel of your blog. Every blogging service has certain limitations, including what you can do with it. Some services are better than others for specific purposes. Once you learn about the different blogging services, you can see what features you need for your blog. For example, if you want your blog to look like a website with different categories and sections, you should choose a traditional blogging service.

Remember, more features do not mean a better blogging experience. The more options you have for your blogging service, the more options you have. The block is very complex. If you don’t want to use traditional blogging services with advanced features like WordPress and Blogger, a simple service like Tumblr may suit your needs.

  • Use the infographic below to help you decide which blogging service to use.

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