Improving Human Health in the NIH Laboratory

Improving Human Health in the NIH Laboratory

Human health is an ongoing pursuit that requires constant research and development to improve our quality of life. There are many facets to this quest, from medical advancements to bettering our environmental sustainability and enhancing social well-being.

The laboratory is home to a number of programs and services that support our mission. Among these, the most important is our Laboratory Animal Sciences Program (LASP). The LASP is a one-stop shop for animal researchers at NIH, DHHS, government agencies outside the NIH and U. S. non-profit organizations to conduct research aimed at improving human health. To know more visit us :   Avvatar Isorich

Tissue is a precious resource, and we make it available at no cost to investigators in the name of science. In addition to tissue, we offer a number of technologically advanced lab tools, such as automated imaging systems and the latest in PCR technology for DNA synthesis and gene editing.

We also have an array of animal support services, such as grooming, nutrition and medical care to keep our critters in tip-top shape. The NIH website has a complete list of our lab services and information about how to order.

NIH’s labs are at the forefront of cutting-edge research in biomedical sciences, focusing on cancer, AIDS, nanotechnology and other emerging areas of interest to the nation. Our laboratories also boast state-of-the art facilities, ranging from the microbiology lab to the high-energy physics lab. The NIH is proud to be an exemplary employer, with employees of all ages working together toward the common goal of improved human health.


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