How to Get Rid of Bees Without Killing Them

The community of honeybees is declining. Bees are among the most significant insects because they pollinate plants, allowing food to develop. Farmers even rent Beehives to pollinate their food sources. If you have a bee issue, the best way to solve it is to eliminate them without killing them. So here are a few methods to get rid of bees without killing them.

Bees Trap 

You can use two bottles of bees to make a two-piece homemade nesting place. New hives are placed in one container to attract quickly enter insects. Because this is their natural food source, artificial nectar will be the best. Cane sugar or corn syrup mixed with water is another option. Put in some solutions to make drowning difficult if you want to kill bees. 

If you prefer to trap them and release them somewhere else so they can continue pollinating, add less nectar inside to keep them away from the traps. The trap makes it simple for you to do it yourself.

Bees Spray

When injected, PT Wasp Freeze II is a lethal insecticide. Position yourself 15 feet away from your hive and begin spraying. It is best to perform this task at night when most bees are in the pack. 

Remember that bee spray is required to get rid of bees, so you must be on the colonies’ territory to use it. Chemicals are used to destroy bee nests before falling on them. 

The paralysis is instant, and the bodies are dead within minutes. It exists in the form of a shower rather than a stream and covers a larger area. It works well as a bee repellent in the backyard or garden room.


Peppermint has a strong odor that honey bees dislike. Plant peppermint plants in your home where you don’t want bees to congregate. You’ll scare the bees away and get to use the peppermint as needed.


The powerful aroma of cinnamon traps honey bees. Apply it to the areas where you want the bees to stay away. To make it last longer, do this every day for about a week. This method effectively drives bees away from your residence rather than your yard. This approach should operate for you if you don’t mind bees but don’t want them buzzing around your doorway or windows.


The vinegar trade needs more evidence in the literature regarding its use in bee control. It is also thought to stink, interfere with respiratory functions, and cause suffocation. 

For bee protection, you can use vinegar in a variety of ways. If the infestation is severe, this all-natural solution may not be as effective as another method. 

Proper protection is required for the vinegar spraying method. It would be best to use invasive treatment to prevent bees from reproducing.

Garlic Spray

‘It’s simple to kill and simple enough to do everything you need with the kitchen. You’ll need two heads of garlic and half a cup of freshly boiled water to make a powerful repellent out of garlic. 

To repel bees, serve the mixture with a thin layer of chilies or hot sauce. Dishwashing liquid aids the survival of nesting birds and larvae. Spray the solution on flowering plants to eliminate the colony’s food source. You could spray it directly onto the hive if you have protective equipment. You may require protection if safety equipment is not available.

Under the Beehive, burn wood, cardboard, or paper. 

Beekeepers typically use smoke to extract honey from beehives. The bees may believe the trees are on fire. They then try to get their honey and find a new location to build their nest. 

This method is only suitable for nests found in backyards. After you start smoking, close your windows, doors, and windows to prevent bees from entering your home. 

Once the bee has left the nest, they are removed, as is any honey residue. It prevents bees from returning. The honey bees are in a hive if you smoke at night during the evening.

Call a Beekeeper 

Local beekeepers or professional beehive removalists can safely and securely remove the hive. Everyone in the industry is excited to handle the solitary multitude, care for the bees, and, most importantly, keep them alive.

Removing a stinging bee colony of over 1,000 takes time and can be painful. We do not advise you to try moving to another nest. If the hive is small, try the following methods before hiring a pest control professional who doesn’t know anyone in the area.

You will need protective equipment if you intend to spray the hive directly with dishwashing liquid and hot sauce. If not, try burning wood or paper for an hour under the beehive before closing your windows and doors. The smoke should drive the swarm away from your property, preventing them from returning after collecting any remaining honey in their hives. And now, you are another step closer to saving the bees in Glen Rock, PA!

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