How to Make Your Home Grow with You

Have you outgrown your home?

There are many reasons to seek a home remodeling contractor in Colts Neck, NJ.

Having kids, or needing a home office, can mean extra rooms or space.

Instead of moving, it’s sometimes easier and cheaper to hire house renovation contractors in Colts Neck, NJ.

The first step to making your house grow with you is to figure out what you need, where to expand, and who to hire.

Renovating the current space

Giving your family more space doesn’t always have to lead to moving or adding on to your home.

There are other options.

One of these is to have your basement or attic finished — or remodeled.

Finishing an attic or basement can be the cheapest option.

If you do not have a basement, an attic or already have functioning ones, there may be the possibility to add walls to a big room to make it into two.

Another option is to relocate walls. In this process, you would need a contractor to identify whether the wall is load bearing or not.

A load bearing wall requires extra work, money, and care. Moving a load bearing wall improperly could spell disaster.

If none of these are feasible, adding a room will be your best bet.

Adding a room

Adding a room can mean a simple bumped out addition or needing permits.

Take into consideration how much space you will need.

A bump out addition is a cheaper option if you only need an extra bathroom or a little more space for an extra room. It usually adds around ten to fifteen extra square feet of space.

Adding a small room can give you an extra hundred or two hundred square feet.

Be aware, a contractor may charge more for a smaller add-on than a big one. This is due to what’s known as Contractor Inflation — charging double due to “wasting labor” on a small job when they could make more on a bigger one.

To avoid this, shop around until you find the right contractor.

Finding the perfect contractor

Always do your research.

Make sure to check the company’s licenses, certifications, and knowledge for the job you need done.

Look online for reviews and testimonies from previous clients. Ask friends, neighbors, and family for advice — they may have a great contractor they could refer you to.

Ask about insurance to ensure you aren’t held financially responsible for their employees or your home should an accident happen due to their work.

Make sure you’re able to comfortably communicate with your contractor, and everything is clearly written and explained.

Whether you are simply remodeling to get more space or need to build additional rooms, good house renovation contractors in Colts Neck NJ can help you grow your home.

A home remodeling contractor in Colts Neck NJ will know if your plans are feasible due to load bearing walls and space needed.Research contractors thoroughly to find one who is honest and capable of building you the perfect, bigger home.

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