How to Spice Up Your Vacation

Have you ever been on a long, boring vacation, only to look back and realize that your partner was the best part of it? Well, I’ve good news: You can spice up any vacation with smooches and intimacy. There are plenty of ways for you and your partner to make each other feel extra special during your next getaway. Here’s how:

Always bring sexy lingerie.

Sexy lingerie is a great way to spice up your Christmas vacation. It’s also a great way to get in the mood and surprise your partner with something they haven’t seen before. You can choose one of many types of sexy lingerie, so you can find something that suits your personality and will help spice up this already exciting holiday season. A sexy Santa lingerie will surely do the trick!

Play a board game with your partner.

Board games are a great way to spend time with your partner, friends, and family. You can play a board game any time of the year; it doesn’t matter if you’re on vacation. It’s even better if it’s wintertime because there will be snow outside! But even in the summertime, you can still play a board game together—you need some ice cream cones (or snow cones) and some lollipops for dessert afterward.

Romantic or sexy playlist of your favorite tunes.

You can make your playlist, or you can buy one. Whatever you choose to do, the music must be perfect for the occasion. The best way to select songs that will get you in the mood is by listening to them beforehand and thinking of specific scenes from movies or books that might be appropriate for this trip.

You’ll want a long enough playlist so that everyone has enough time at least once during dinner (or whatever activity) to dance around together or listen quietly while watching TV together on mute mode (but still having access).

Set up an intimate photoshoot.

If your partner is into lingerie, this can be a fun way to spend the day together. You’ll want to use props and other items from your bedroom to get sexy shots of each other.

Take pictures of yourself in the lingerie you bought for the occasion (or even better: take photos of your partner in those same outfits). This will give him something fun to look at when he’s not around—and it might make him jealous enough that he comes back home early!

Give each other sensual massages.

While you’re on vacation, give each other sensual massages. Massage oil is a must, and it’s essential to ensure the room is warm so your partner doesn’t feel cold during the process. Avoid massaging the neck and head unless you want to get a headache from having your head rubbed in circles by someone else. Instead, focus on massaging the feet, hands, or arms; these are all susceptible areas for most people who enjoy being touched in these places!

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can also try some light touching around their stomachs (and backs) as well as their buttocks – but remember that this type of touch should be light enough that neither party feels uncomfortable about what else might happen next! Also, consider giving one another some nice toe-curling foot rubs as well!

You deserve some special treatment — and so does your partner!

A sensual Christmas vacation is an opportunity for two people who love each other to spend time together and enjoy each other’s company without any pressure or expectations placed on them. It’s a perfect way for couples who have been together for years but never had the chance before – or even if they just met recently – to get away from their everyday lives while still being able to explore new things together.

This is a tiny sample of how you can spice up your holiday vacation. The best thing about this approach is that it’s optional and doesn’t require changes to your everyday lifestyle. You can use these tips to add fun to your next trip or enjoy quality time with family and friends.

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