Ice Cream Easy Drawing | Easy Drawing Tutorial

Easy Drawing challenging to find a better snack than a tasty ice cream cone when it comes to summertime foods that can keep you cool!

These delightful, frosty sweets are available in various shapes, flavors, and varieties. As a result, learning how to draw an ice cream cone can be much more enjoyable because there is so much space for creativity. Easy Drawing will learn everything you need to know from this tutorial so that you may create your own original ice cream cone drawing.

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You’ll see how simple and enjoyable it can be with the help of this step-by-step tutorial on how to draw an ice cream cone in only six simple steps!

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Starting Now: How to Draw an Ice Cream Cone!


  • We’ll start with the cone component of the equation to get this how-to-draw ice cream cone tutorial going! The first step will be much simpler if you have a ruler handy to assist you.
  • Draw two horizontal lines that intersect at the bottom of the cone, where there is a small curvature.
  • Let’s proceed because this will serve as the framework for your cone, and we will add a lot more information to it in the next sections.


  • Draw some ice cream on the cone in step two.
  • If there weren’t any ice cream on the Drawing, it wouldn’t be an ice cream cone! We will therefore add some to the image in this subsequent phase.
  • We will begin by drawing a rounded, curved line over the cone to create a great, large dollop of ice cream on top of it.
  • Once you’ve drawn the top curved line, you can add four smaller curved lines beneath it to depict how the ice cream protrudes past the edge of the plate.
  • Finally, to complete the cone’s top before moving on to step two, draw a diagonal line over the top of the cone, just beneath the ice cream.

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  • At this point, begin enhancing the cone’s details.
  • In the previous phase of our instruction on how to draw an ice cream cone, we mentioned adding some detailing to the cone; consequently, we will accomplish so in this step.
  • As seen in the reference image, we will sketch a sequence of diagonal lines across the ice cream cone for this design. Additionally, the lines will be pretty close together.
  • You’ll be rewarded for perseverance after the design is finished, but this stage requires patience and a steady hand.


  • Complete the cone’s design.
  • Even if your Drawing of an ice cream cone currently looks fantastic, there are still a few details to add before you can color it.
  • We will complete the design of the cone itself for this section. Essentially, you will repeat the previous process, but this time in the opposite direction.
  • This will produce something resembling the cross-hatch pattern seen in the reference image.
  • This phase will also require patience, but the outcome will be fantastic!


  • You can now complete the details in this phase of our tutorial on designing an ice cream cone since your ice cream cone is essentially finished and prepared for coloring.
  • This is the stage where, if you want to, you can add some of your elements.
  • In our example, we used a series of dots to represent sprinkles and other toppings, but you could do many more things with this image.
  • You may visualize what your ideal ice cream cone would look like and depict it in your Drawing.
  • You may garnish it with cherries or candy bits and draw a cool background for your ice cream cone.

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