Identifying Sports Injuries Is Always Better Than Curing It – Keeps Them One Step Ahead

Sports injuries are those injuries that are sustained during sports, athletic activities or during exercises. It is a cause of concern, and so there has to be a diagnosis as to why these injuries are sustained. It may occur for any number of reasons either known or unknown. But it is estimated that most injuries are caused to the lower legs, ankles or foot. And the major cause of death due to sports injuries is a traumatic head or neck injury.

How to Diagnose a Sports Injury

As soon as an athlete complains of pain, the immediate course of action to be taken by the authorities is to conduct a detailed and thorough examination and note down any history of previous injury or pain. The sports authorities should follow a course of action which should mainly be a method of treatment called subjective objective assessment plan or SOAP note.

How to Reduce Injuries in Sports

We all know that prevention is always better than finding a cure. Hence, it is better to prevent an injury rather than find a good course of plan for its cure. It is always advisable to get the athletes to exercise regularly and take a proper nutritious diet to keep the body absolutely healthy and fit.

They should do proper warm-ups, stretching and exercises before beginning their training or sport to relax and ease the muscles. It aids in reducing sports injuries due to an unfit body. The exercises and warm-ups are sports-specific so, the athletes should work out accordingly.

Sports Injuries can also be intercepted with proper hydration, nutrition and surveillance of all team members who are at risk of injury or prone to injuries. To recognize pre-existing conditions of sportspersons a seasonal & pre-seasonal and pre-participation examination should be conducted thoroughly. It will prevent future injury by stopping the athlete from performing in an event at the cost of his health.

Sports Injuries

What Are the Causes of Sports Injuries?

There are many valid causes of sports injuries. It is a matter of serious discussion and, it requires the attention of sportspersons of all ages and even the budding sportspeople. Sports injuries can be due to:

· Trauma resulting from sports injuries

· Overuse of the muscles

· Discomfort and loss of function

Identifying A Few Common Sports Injuries

A few common sports injuries identified are:

· Concussion

· Muscle cramps

· Anterior cruciate ligament sprains

· Anterior cruciate ligament tears

· Ankle sprains

· Shin splints

· Muscle strains

· Groin pull

· Hamstring strain

· Tennis elbow

How to Prevent Sports Injuries

Many sports injuries are beyond the control of the sports personalities but there are some that can be prevented for which the athletes themselves are responsible. It is their lack of adequate exercise and a nutritious diet that brings such calamities to them. In such circumstances, they should adopt the right measures to remain free from it. The only sensible and plausible thing for them to do is work out regularly.

How to Understand When to Stop

It is of vital importance to a sportsperson to understand when the ideal time for him to stop is or when he may face injuries. Without proper and adequate knowledge of this, serious sports injuries may take place. A sportsperson must realize that without enough warm-up exercises he should not venture out onto the field. Warming up increases the flow of blood to the muscles and prepares the body for increased activity.

An event should not be performed rigorously for more than an hour if the sportsperson has not been in touch with his game for a long time. Over exertion causes injuries. Another common cause of injury is when the person fails to understand that he is fatigued. It is a signal to quit for time being, or it results in sports injuries of various kinds.

Classifying Sports Injuries

Last but not least, how we classify sports injuries is vital. It is important to classify the injury before it can be treated and for it to be recognized. There are a few ways to classify them:

· The time taken for a particular tissue to be injured

· The tissue type that is affected

· The gravity of the injury

· The injury that the individual presents


These are a few ways how we can tackle sports injuries. either prevent them or get them cured. But prevention is always better than cure as the saying goes, so it is always best to first identify the type of injury or when it is about to set in. In this way, a lot of damage to sports personalities can be averted.

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