Inside the Backrooms Console

The psychological horror genre, which Within the Backrooms belongs to, is notoriously challenging for actors. The game’s difficulty increases as you continue through its many stages due to the game’s dynamic of thousands of empty rooms and halls bathed in fluorescent light and infinite static music. A few Console Commands and Cheat Codes may be used to make Within the Backrooms more manageable and enjoyable.

Use of these console instructions and cheat codes will, in most cases, simplify the game in terms of player health, heart rate, and other factors. Yet, there are no tricks to make the game less terrifying.

Inside the Backrooms Console Commands and Cheat Codes

Games that are compatible with Steam often provide a console where supplemental commands and cheats may be entered. In the end, these commands may improve your gameplay by allowing you to alter in-game elements in real time. Console commands and cheat codes of this kind are currently unavailable for Into the Backroom. But, equivalent functionality may be found in a number of solid third-party programs.

Inside the Backrooms Console Commands cheat Option

  • Infinite Health: Ability to run and roam the backrooms with infinite health.
  • Unlimited Stamina: Ability to run without getting tired.
  • Invisibility: Monsters and Backroom entities will not be able to track you.
  • Set Walk Speed: You can increase or decrease the normal wall speed to your preference.
  • Set Run Speed: You can increase or decrease the running speed in the game.
  • No Anxiety: Ability to turn off anxiety-related game settings.
  • No Radiation: Ability to turn off radiation-related game settings.
  • No Smiler Jumpscare: Turn off similar jumpscares from different entities to spice up the gameplay.


The list of console commands and cheat codes for Into the Backrooms is now complete. With the lack of progress made in unearthing game cheats, the current list is somewhat limited. As we discover more cheats or console commands, we will add them to his thread. Please add us to your bookmarks.


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