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In India, dairy farming is one of the most profitable businesses and the world’s largest milk producer, providing rural employment. The country has more than 55% of the world’s buffalo population.

With the increasing demand for milk in the country, people are actively taking advantage of business opportunities. Even highly educated individuals and other firms prefer this business and use buffalo buying app to start with the buffalo milk business. 

So, how to start a business with Murrah Buffalo?

Keeping this in mind, let’s get started with the point.

About Murrah Buffalo 

Murrah Buffalo is one of the most selling & preferred choices of Indian dairy farmers. States such as Punjab, Hisar, Rohtak, Gurgaon, and the district of Haryana, UP & Delhi are the home of Murrah buffalo.

The Murrah buffalo is renowned for its glossy black beauty, curving ring-like horns, light neck and head, long tail, and whiteness only at the tail switch. This cherished asset of Haryana is renowned for its high output of fat-rich milk with a six to seven percent fat content.

A male Murrah is typically 138 cm tall at the withers, whereas a female is typically 130 cm. Male adults often weigh around 700 kg, whereas females typically weigh around 550 kg. Female Murrah produces 1,800 kg to 4,000 kg of milk throughout their 305-day lactation period.

It is suitable for producing milk, so farmers always prefer this breed for the dairy business. Even the buffalo breed is exported to other countries, such as Azerbaijan, Brazil, Colombia, Chain, Ecuador, Indonesia, Guatemala, Laos, Nepal, Philippines, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Venezuela, & Vietnam. 

Tips to Identify Murrah Buffalo 

It can be a daunting task to identify the Murrah buffalo. Following our tips will let you identify Murrah buffalo quickly:

  • Size – The Murrah buffalo is a large animal. On average, the Murrah buffalo can grow up to be as big as a Sahiwal cow.
  • Head to Horns – The head size of the Murrah buffalo is comparable to other buffaloes. The horns are thick and curled inward but not particularly large.
  • Weight – A Murrah buffalo weighs around 450 – 500 kg.
  • Behavior – Murrah buffalos, are calm creatures. They are not hesitant to milk any individual or group of individuals. Most of the time, they don’t react to any issues, but if they are ill, you can tell by how they walk and eat.
  • Body Structure – When viewed from behind, the body structure of the Murrah buffalo is formed. Its back is more significant behind and gets narrower as it gets closer to the head.
  • Skin Color – The buffalo called Murrah is all black. Although a baby Murrah buffalo’s hue is zed black, he develops an entirely black coat over time.
  • Udder – The standard size The udder of a Murrah buffalo is relatively tiny. However, if there is an infection or swelling, it might hand and get huge during a fever.

Advantages of Murrah Buffalo 

Here are some of the best benefits of having a Murrah buffalo:

  • A significant advantage of this buffalo is that it can adapt to any climate condition. 
  • The daily milk production in this buffalo is more as compared to others. They can produce around 16 liters of milk per day. 
  • Murrah Buffalo is often disease resistant compared to other cross-bred, which is another significant advantage of this buffalo.
  • These buffalo thrive on any crop residue in the absence of concentrates during drought. You can buy & sell cattle online, as well. 
  • By containing more fat, the milk of Murrah buffalo is expensive and profitable.  

Milk Producing Capacity of Murrah Buffalo 

There is no doubt that the Murrah buffalo is the most productive water breed of buffalo. It can easily adapt to South Indian climatic conditions, which makes it highly suitable for the dairy business. 

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In general, the milk-producing capacity of these buffalos is between 10 to 15 liters per day. However, buffalo produce milk in a lactation period of 280 to 300 days a year.  

Are you still not sure if the milk business is profitable or not? Here are some of the benefits of starting a dairy business in India.

Benefits of Starting a Dairy Business 

Low Investment 

The dairy farming business is less intensive as compared to other industries. It doesn’t require you to set up factories or buildings, but a shed to house the cattle. 

Huge Demand 

The demand for dairy products does not dwindle throughout the year. Hence, there is no need to worry about demand. Even it rises during the festive seasons. You can buy and sell cattle online quickly. 

Ease of Marketing

Dairy farming products are essential, which means you do not need to do marketing. Societies like MPCS help market the products, cut costs, and attract new customers. 

Animal Insurance

The government is focusing more on the dairy industry and helping socio-economic upliftment. It allows the owners to insure their animals to minimize the risk and maximize the profits. 


The dairy farming business is environmental-friendly & clean, creating zero side effects to the environment if used natural products. 

Easy to Set-Up

Unlike other business industries, dairy farming does not require highly-skilled labor. Most of the labor is indeed manual, so there is no need for highly-skilled professionals to set up the dairy farm. 

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