Kanat Sultanbekov: Steps to Track Employee Productivity in Construction Site

Among all industries that have been impacted greatly during the global pandemic, one is the construction industry. In fact, for sustaining and growth, a construction project must earn profit which is possible by achieving the required productivity. An effective way to address and eradicate such productivity-related problems is to embrace project management. This will help in tracking employee productivity successfully. Here are the steps you need to follow to track your employee productivity.

Kanat Sultanbekov- A solution to track employee productivity in your construction project

Adopt Project Management System

Make sure to adopt a user-friendly task management app which is an effective tool to track employee productivity. According to the highly accomplished construction project manager Kanat Sultanbekov using this application can get you an instant impression of which employee is involved in what and how fast the tasks can be finished. Adopting the tool can help you

  • Keep your workers engaged in a productive task by defining their job duties clearly; 
  • Reach the deliverables by keeping every employee aware of the project timeline;
  • Generate a clear line of what to communicate to manage and execute the project outcome seamlessly.

Arrange Check-in Meetings Everyday

A check-in meeting arranged at the beginning to get started enables every team leader to speak and let them share their job duties for that day and understand the project’s overall current status. Especially in a construction project, this can help you to gauge the performance, ideas, and issues of your workers. Accordingly, the manager can take needed action so as to the performance of any worker is not hampered consequently affecting productivity.

Emphasis on results rather than hours worked

Your workers are paid based on particular hours worked and they are not allowed to kill time unproductively till their punch-out time. Although, this is a fact, however, you need to check the outcome of every worker to evaluate their contribution to the productivity for that day. The inclusion of an incentive plan is a great way to boost productivity. This will automatically engage and motivate them to perform at their best. Even they will gladly work after hours if you provide them with overtime pay.

Set Clear-Cut Expectations

To boost productivity and reach the deadline, make sure to set goals clearly by sharing an idea of the overall project with the entire team. According to, set goals for the establishment, for every team and an individual worker. As per Kanat Sultanbekov, with this, they will have a clear idea about their individual and team function and how to collaborate with other teams to reach the project outcome. Here make sure that 

  • Your set goals are easy-to-understand, clear-cut, precise, and measurable;
  • Be practical and therefore never set a goal that they cannot achieve;
  • Goals should include day to day basis tasks, project phases, and problem-centric resolutions.

Track Performance

Once the expectations and goals are set, now the time comes to track how well your workers are performing their tasks and duties. It is equally important to check if the set goal is met on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. If any worker is performing poorly, call the less-performing worker to know his/her problem and help him/her to perform. By tracking their performance you can improve productivity and take it to the desired level.