What is the reason Laptops more expensive than Desktops?

A few fundamental facts are required to answer the question, “Why are laptops more expensive than Desktops?” This is the goal of this article.

Both kinds of computers rely on semiconductors for their operation However, the similarities decrease when you consider their inside design.

Laptops tend to be more expensive than desktops because of the significant development costs involved in designing devices that are small enough, yet deliver the performance expected.

It’s not just the performance that’s a challenge. It’s important to keep it cool to guarantee stability in all conditions.Also visit laptop repair

Price – Differences between components

Below are a list of the most important elements that could significantly affect the price of your product.

If you’re interested I’ve also written a piece on different components of a computer and their role in computers in general.

The Motherboard

A laptop needs to be as compact as it can. This is due to the fact that more components must be connected to the motherboard.

Design issues are more important when a motherboard is small. Here are a few examples:

A smaller footprint for components is essential: The best solutions to reduce the dimensions of your components should be selected.

Additional refinement to track layout A lot of components are connected on smaller motherboards. So, creating circuit pathways which require minimal clearance is vital.

Layout A lot of thought should be paid to design of the components to ensure that shielding and performance are not an issue.


Laptop CPU

Mobile processors are the central processing unit found in laptops. They use an entirely different method of energy consumption.

This is the reason it will cost a lot to develop. It is vital to attain the highest performance while using the lowest power.

The power management functions are vital and will require additional development costs to ensure a satisfactory final.

The CPU socket isn’t something you’ll find on laptop motherboards very often. CPU sockets are typically connected directly to the motherboard using the aid of BGA (Ball Grid array) to make space.

The processor and motherboards have solder pads which are joined with tiny balls made from solder. They are heated and then melted for joining the pads.

This is the reason processors need to be able to stand up to extreme temperatures to ensure successful completion of soldering.

Graphic Processing

Two of the main ways in which the graphics processor could be made available to laptops are:

Integrated graphics A graphics processor is integrated into the CPU. Both functions can be accomplished in one semiconductor package.

dedicated graphics The separate processor for graphics is attached to the motherboard. It provides more performance for tasks that require graphics such as gaming.

Making additional software that incorporates the additional semiconductor module onto smaller motherboards is required.

This can increase costs, and that’s why you’ll be paying more for laptops with dedicated graphics.


RAM is an access memory for random use that is utilized to store information. Unlike desktops, laptops use DIMM RAM. This is a different situation when it comes to cost.

While SODIMM modules are smaller in size than the desktop RAM this doesn’t seem to affect the cost.

The reason could lie in the massive demand for memory across the world. This is only one instance.

System for cooling

The cooling system of laptops should be compact and effective.

It is a challenging task and is one of the most important components to ensure stability of the system.

Making a heat source or fan assembly that’s efficient and compact is costly. Many heat pipes have heat pipes which have been sealed in the form of a partial vacuum. Sometimes, they contain liquids and wicks.

This adds complexity to the materials of the heat sink, which makes it more expensive to manufacture.


Modern laptops use An M.2 SSD primary drive. This is a great factor, since an SSD isn’t afflicted by its limitations as mechanical drives do. It offers extraordinary quality of service.

If you’re interested in learning more, we’ll go over SSDs in detail and whether it’s worth it.

The laptop hard drive is less in comparison to desktop hard drives (2.5 Inches in comparison to. 3.5 inches).

These drives are smaller in capacity storage and performance and are a bit more expensive in comparison to desktop-style hard drives with similar size and similar specifications.


The component is not present on a desktop computer. An UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) is the closest to a desktop computer, and it could look similar to one.

The UPS refers to a piece of equipment which has a battery within it. It connects to mains power independently and allows the computer’s operating system to operate for long enough that you do not need to work or shut down.

The battery is also able to power laptops. The battery is able to power the entire laptop for a long time without needing to connect it to the power source.

This is a significant increase in the production price of laptops. It’s not a costly option, however it can add to the final cost.Any issue related to hp laptop visit our website hp laptop repair dubai

Laptops should be built to withstand physical harm and keep them as cool as they can.

The battery also gets an exclusive position within the layout of laptops.

Other aspects to take into consideration before adding batteries to an item is to ensure that it has a sufficient amount of amp-hours, so that your laptop can last the length you want and not run out.

These are some additional suggestions to help keep laptop’s battery well-maintained for a longer period of time. This is an essay I wrote on the subject.


These are the primary components of laptops.

If you are looking at laptops at the local shop, be aware of all the extra production and development costs to deliver high performance in a small size. Since you can also use the gaming laptops to program as well.


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