Linkedin Marketing Techniques That You Should Follow

Do you remember the Six Handshake Rule trend from the 90s?

This rule suggested that all people are six or fewer social connections away from each other. But the news here is that people are now even closer. 

A smaller world means fewer chances of lead generation.

How would you generate leads, then?

In such a situation, LinkedIn comes into the picture. Linkedin has helped many business owners to acquire clients and businesses. A solid LinkedIn content strategy can help you connect with potential clients and investors. The opportunities are limitless! 

But most LinkedIn users fail to churn these opportunities. 

Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss some LinkedIn marketing techniques you should follow. So sit down and read this blog till the end. 

5 Mind Blowing LinkedIn Marketing Techniques That You Should Follow 

So many marketing gurus will tell you to follow filthy tactics to get viral on LinkedIn. However, just getting your post viral on a platform is not equivalent to getting clients in the same ratio. In this list, we are mentioning some smart tactics that you can smart LinkedIn Marketing techniques that are sustainable and can help you achieve your desired goal. 

#1 Optimize Your LinkedIn Account 

One of the most fundamental steps we like to mention is optimizing your LinkedIn profile. It might sound like a marketing tip but trust us; most LinkedIn accounts fail to get noticed by their target audience. It is because they do not have an authoritative presence on the platform. 

You can start by adding an approachable profile picture to optimise your LinkedIn account. Moreover, you should also add relevant keywords to your bio. It will help your target customers to know about your business at a glance. 

#2 Embed LinkedIn On Website 

Since LinkedIn is a professional website, it can help you establish an authoritative presence on your website. 

You can show your LinkedIn feed on website if you own a business or are a creator. It will enable you to maximize your initial professional contact with your target market. Similarly, even if you are a freelancer, you can show your LinkedIn posts on your portfolio website. Again, making yourself approachable to your potential customers is beneficial.

Using any social media aggregator tool, you can embed LinkedIn posts on a website. The best thing about such tools is that you may use them without learning how to code or employ a developer to manage them. In addition, they assist you in personalizing your LinkedIn widget. It implies you can alter the design and template of your widget as per your wish. Utilizing the moderation panel provided by these tools, you can delete any content you do not want to be featured on your website. It enables you to showcase your company’s best posts on your website.

#3 Use Hashtag On LinkedIn 

If you use social media, you must be aware of the importance of hashtags. 

However, even if you share a photo or a video, hashtags cannot take the place of a strong copy. Therefore, always include a call to action and at least one line of descriptive text in your posts.

Hashtags can be added to or incorporated into the copy as long as they make sense to the content. A wise tactic is to write your content first, then research whether particular keywords may be transformed into hashtags. Be careful not to hashtag every phrase. It would not only come off as spammy but also useless for marking unimportant words.

Always keep your message’s objective in mind, and when using hashtags, do so to enhance rather than repeat it.

#4 Join Groups On LinkedIn 

If you’re unaware, LinkedIn also offers social groups to communicate with professionals from related fields. But unlike Facebook, these groups are formal and assist you in connecting with people who share your interests. It supports your professional development.

The best thing about these groups is that you can use them to learn about your target audience’s problems. Once you become a member, you are free to promote your goods or services. Make sure not to sound overly promotional when speaking to groups.

Wrapping Up 

You need to be friendly and professional when using LinkedIn. Moreover, you must have a thorough understanding of your niche. It will assist you in establishing your authority on the platform.

You must appear friendly to your target customers and clients as a brand or company. The LinkedIn algorithms will benefit as well if you interact with them. Utilizing the mantras mentioned above will make it much easier to dominate LinkedIn.

Try them out and watch how your LinkedIn brand develops.

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