Look Forward to These Lab Equipment Trends in 2023 

With changing technologies, developments are constant. While every industry is moving toward improved technologies and machines, laboratories are not far behind. Researchers are developing something new every day. Be it machines, medical advancements, or lab equipment, things are constantly changing, and 2023 will see some of these changes.

While searching for lab equipment in San Francisco for your lab, you will find that the upcoming trends are quite astonishing. 

Lab Equipment Trends to Witness in 2023

Even though change might sometimes come as a surprise, having the correct tools and expertise can help you influence the result and find workable solutions. 

Here are some of the lab equipment trends you will witness in 2023.

Automating Wet Labs

The term “wet lab” describes the kind of laboratory that uses wet materials, such as liquids and chemicals, for research and experiments. Robotics helps in doing several jobs, which can be quite accommodating for some of these repetitive operations.

Due to the favorable outcomes and reduced resource use, automation with robots is developed and in demand. That’s why choosing automation is quite practical here.

Reaction Injection Molding

A new method will address recurring problems and provide fresh chances in several fields, particularly protection and product creation. In addition, RIM application for lab equipment is a practical and affordable way to improve goods and procedures.

Low-viscosity liquid polymers are used in the dependable reaction injection molding process to improve protection or produce customized devices for certain uses.

Sustainable Methods

Any company is obliged to the community to limit environmental harm and cut back on waste. For example, to prevent cross-contamination and taint of samples, laboratories use disposable items.

Selecting friendly procedures and tools wherever workable, such as LED lighting, energy-saving technology, and efficient trash disposal, is necessary and needs to be enforced to ensure a seamless workflow. 

A Cooperative Design

Teams can work inside a single lab using an open layout with a core cluster of workstations. In addition, a lab facility’s team and huddle rooms, conference rooms, and demo spaces are becoming increasingly important, promoting brainstorming and collaborative meetings. 

Cutting-edge Technology

Further reducing the necessity for individual scientists to have expansive workbenches are automation and automated tools that can carry out sequences that require manual labor.

Integrated communications and hybrid work solutions enable distant data analysis and virtual collaboration. Tablets, smartphones, and even wearable technology have replaced desktop computers. The correct technology and flexibility can improve the accuracy and efficiency of lab settings, observations, and measurements.

Data and Analytics

Every laboratory runs tests and experiments and keeping a record is essential for safety against future false claims, and to avoid previous errors. Besides processed data is also crucial for decision-making, and faster innovation cycles.

A database that can collect a vast amount of data, analyze it and produce reliable results is a must-have in laboratories and more and more labs are investing in data and analytics software these days. This trend is only going to take off in the future due to its numerous benefits.

Apart from it, it is also useful for hospitals with in-house labs to create a customized plan for patients and offer an accurate diagnosis.

Advanced Air Filtration Systems

Modern environmental controls and air filtration systems enhance air quality, reduce pollution, and guarantee the management, administrative staff, and technical staff’s health and safety.

Advanced air filtration systems help working people to be safe and healthy in the environment while doing their tasks. To guarantee that employees work in a secure and healthy environment, labs will continue to emphasize temperature control, air quality management, and PPE checks.

Specialized Infrastructure

Labs must have defined spaces for storing, packing, and transporting completed goods, regulated cool rooms to handle raw materials, and innovative chemical storage techniques.

On the other end of the spectrum, lab hoteling facilities—areas with the right tools and technologies for various kinds of scientific research, as well as areas with enough electricity, cooling, and redundancy to run various kinds of research at different times—are growing in popularity for new lab construction and complete lab renovation.

Final Words

The new technologies are created to lessen the time spent on operations and processes, and one must keep an eye on the ongoing trends to incorporate them into the labs.

The way labs are designed and organized is also changing. Your lab doesn’t have to be a dull, uninteresting place. Instead, your surroundings can be transformed into a productive workstation that can make people work effectively.

It is advised to choose a lab equipment supplier in San Francisco that keeps abreast of the changing and evolving technologies and can offer you the best devices and equipment for the lab.

These lab equipment trends are soon going to be a reality and if you wish to keep up with the changes, you must be aware of what is coming.

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