What is the Open Electronic Clearance Service Limit? Learn in Detail

Meaning of ECS: The Electronic Clearance Service (ECS) is an electronic method of moving money from one bank account to another. Financial firms utilise it to make payments like salary, pensions, dividend interest, and loan EMI deductions.

You must first inform your bank in order to use an ECS mandate. It includes information about your bank account and branch, among other things. The most that can be deducted from an ECS user’s account can be limited. You must submit a signed ECS mandate along with basic KYC information and a voided check when making an easy EMI purchase on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network.

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Learn in Detail about the ECS limit

  1. The open ECS limit is the maximum sum that can be taken out of your account using ECS. 
  2. If you look at it logically, Banks are simply informing you that they are unable to create an EMI that exceeds the OPEN ECS limit.
  3. It allows for the automatic transfer of money between bank accounts on a set due date. 
  4. It is used to set up fixed payments for utilities, interest, salaries, pensions, and EMIs. 
  5. ECS is quite helpful for people who have either chosen to take out a loan or have regular monthly credit Card payments. 
  6. With the ECS mandate, they may easily set up a monthly deduction and won’t have to keep track of the precise payment date. 
  7. Money can be transferred in bulk using ECS from one account to another account at once.
  8. ECS is used to make payments for any kind of bulk payment, including interest, income, dividends, pensions, and recurring monthly expenses. 
  9. Payments for mutual funds or insurance premiums may be automatically taken from your account via ECS after a predetermined amount of time.

The pre-approved credit limit on the Insta EMI Card is up to Rs. 2 lakh. This cap is determined by a number of variables, including your CIBIL Score, monthly income, and ability to repay. Your credit limit for your EMI Network Card will occasionally be reviewed by Bajaj Finserv. Keep up a strong payback record to raise your EMI Network Card limit to make the best use of the Insta EMI Card.


  • The amount that can be transmitted or distributed via the ECS is typically unrestricted, 
  • In the event of an ECS debit, the user may select a limit over which no deduction is allowed.
  • The maximum amount that can be debited from the bank account is known as an ECS limit.
  • An ECS mandate form authorises the bank or other financial institution to debit a specific amount from the customer’s account each month in lieu of a loan payment or EMI.

How can I check my Insta EMI Card limit online?

By following the instructions below, you can check the limit on your Insta EMI Card online:

  • Visit My Account customer portal.
  • Your customer ID, email address, or mobile number should be entered.
  • Use the OTP that was sent to your registered mobile number to log in.
  • When you are granted access, click “Services.”
  • Go to “My Relations” and click “EMI Card details.”
  • Your EMI Network Card’s limit will now be visible.

The leading credit rating company in India is CIBIL. Before increasing a customer’s credit limit further, your income level is the second-most crucial factor after your credit score (CIBIL) is taken into account.

The credit manager may opt to approve you for the credit account if you have a strong credit score (CIBIL score), no defaults on any loans or prior credit accounts, a reliable source of income, and no bounced checks or other risky items in your bank statement. The credit limit is typically automatically determined by an algorithm, negating the need for human participation. The credit limit is automatically determined based on your credit score and the income information entered into the application approval system.

Best uses of Insta EMI Card

  1. Online and offline shopping is simple: You get access to more than 1 million+ products through sites like Flipkart, etc., as well as 1.2 Lakh+ partner stores in more than 3000 cities.
  2. Almost no documentation: To confirm your purchases, almost no documentation is needed. No need to present your identification each time you go shopping.
  3. Spend up to 2 lakhs: The Insta EMI Card offers a pre-approved credit limit of 2 lakhs.
  4. Tenure of Repayment: Take advantage of a flexible payback term that ranges from 3 -24 months.
  5. No Charges for Foreclosure: If you foreclose on your loan after paying the first EMI, no fees will be assessed.
  6. Zero down payment: Many expensive things can be bought with zero down payment to make purchases more affordable.
  7. Easy Management and Access: The Bajaj Finserv app allows you to check and manage your EMI Card. It is reachable at all times and from any location.
  8. Online Insta EMI Card Application: You can receive an instantly active, EMI Card in 3 easy steps by applying entirely online.

Whether it’s a credit card or an Insta EMI Card, the credit limit is periodically raised based on how the consumer uses the credit account. The creditor may think about raising the initial limit set for the credit account if you are using it responsibly and making your payments on time. Utilize the EMI Network Card’s Credit limit to make no-cost EMI purchases from a selection of more than 1 million+ products and make the best use of the Insta EMI Card.

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