Physio For After Pregnancy

After being pregnant for nine or more months your body has been through a great deal. As well as the weight gain that comes from pregnancy there is also a good chance that your core muscles have been weakened, and because of that weight and the baby, you might have a problem with incorrect posture and poor alignment. Seeing a physio Wembley or where you are is a great way to help your body recover and restore your body to better strength and condition. Doing it on your own can be hard.

Hard to find the time but it is important to do so

It is hard to get any time for yourself, especially when you have a newborn. Feeding, bathing, changing, nursing, trying to establish sleep times and more, and then you are left with little time to feed yourself let alone think about exercise and physio visits. Plus, you are naturally very tired so it is hard to generate energy or motivation. As well as seeing a physio, you might also consider something like Yoga, Pilates, and Aqua classes where you start to move around and can build up the intensity when you can.

Enjoy weight loss

Seeing a physio Leederville and doing some kind of regular exercise can help get the body back into shape. This means it can lead to weight loss but it is important as the body is returning to normal that you not force it, and not jump into a regime that is too hard and heavy.

Improve core strength

When you have had a baby, you have put a lot of strain on your core muscles. This weakening can lead to other problems so it makes sense to do what you can to strengthen them again. Any exercises that help to strengthen the core muscles are great.

Improve your poor posture

Women often have poor posture after having a baby because their centre of gravity had moved when they carried the baby. Even if you undertake some exercises to help with this when you are pregnant, you can see a physio Wembley or head to some Pilates classes and work on restoring proper posture and correcting body alignment.

Get better sleep and reduce fatigue

Another benefit of doing physio exercises is that the fatigue you are experiencing will actually get better. You can improve your sleep patterns too. This makes you a better parent to your baby and has a knock-on effect of improving how you feel.

Help mothers facing postnatal depression

It has been found in studies on mothers who have just had a baby that getting regular exercise in the first three months is great for you physically but is also good for your mental health too. Whether it is the baby blues or something stronger like postnatal depression a physio Leederville issuing exercises or some other form of gentle movement does help.

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