Proper Planning For A Triathlon Or Ironman Event

It is very important to plan well when you intend to enter an ironman or triathlon event, that means having the best support, having enough time, planning in some cycling coaching if you need it and having a great triathlon plan. Here are some more ideas.

Sign up early for the event

Often a lot of the more popular and well-known events fill up quickly so make your decision and sign up early for the one you want to do. Waiting until you are ‘ready’ tends to leave it too late and if this is your goal then you need to get organised.

Working out when to start training

Once you have signed up for the event you want to compete in, you then need to work out a schedule or training and preparation to get yourself fit and ready. For someone who is already pretty active physically 24 weeks of training is about enough, but if you are not physically fit then you need to get working on that, the sooner the better. You might consider whether you need a triathlon or cycle coach to help you.

Use personal training plans

The competitors that tend to do better have personal training plans that allow themselves a progressive buildup in the intensity of their training. It is very easy to over-train especially with three events to work on but you need to listen to your body otherwise you could injure yourself. Get advice from other people who have competed, join triathlon focussed groups online, get support from a coach, these are ways you can get the advantage of experienced advice. Do not ignore your weakest sport.

Find ways to stay motivated

You will have moments where you find the training very hard, or you worry that you will not be able to take part in the event. Find a way to stay motivated and positive. That can be in the form of training partners, friends, or rewards for your achievements.

Have enough recovery time

Make sure your cycling coaching and plans include recovery time. It is vital to let your body heal. That should include some rest days, some less intense days, proper sleep, and a great diet. It will also help your body recover better after the event race itself.

Stay realistic

While it is great to have goals, be realistic about how to achieve them, about timeframes, distances, speeds and such. When you are over ambitions and unable to achieve those expectations it can have a negative impact on you mentally.

Know when to be at your best distances

Your cycle coach and plans should aim to have you cycling, swimming and running at your best distances 4 to 6 weeks before the event.


With the above tips, you can better ensure you are ready for your triathlon event and can do your best in it. Who knows, once you have done one, you might get the urge to keep training and competing and can better your performance as you do!

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