What’s the Reason for Engine overheating? How to overcome on it

It is not a big deal while driving your car engine got overheated. Mostly it happens in the summer season when the outside temperature is not bearable. It is a common issue that relates to the summer season. But it happens for most reasons that we have mentioned below for example.

•          Coolant level is low in the radiator

•          Radiator leakage

•          High acceleration

•          Cooling system leakage

•          Oil level low

•          Belts adjustment

•          Thermostat Fail

Now we have to discuss how you can overcome engine overheating some important steps we have mentioned below,

a)         Don’t confuse

b)         Turn off the car engine

c)         Stop driving

d)         Never open the bonnet quickly

e)         Don’t open the radiator Cap quickly

f)          Check the coolant level of the radiator

g)         Check the leakage of the radiator

h)         Never do over acceleration

i)          Check the cooling system & leakage

j)          Check oil level

k)         Check engine belt fitting

l)          Check thermostat

Don’t confuse

When are you driving your car and you find some issues during driving or car sale in Lahore then never be confused first of all park your car slowly on the safe side of the road?

Turn off the car engine

If your car engine is blowing with smoke or it takes more power for a drive then turns off the car engine immediately and give it to rest for a few minutes.

Stop driving

Without checking the fault never tries to drive your car. If you have found an issue then try to fix your issue first and make sure that your issue has been resolved then you can drive.

Never open the bonnet quickly

If your car blows smoke from the engine cabin then never try open the bonnet quickly you will be hurt by heat just water first then fall on the bonnet making its temperature down after that open the hood and check the fault.

Don’t open the radiator Cap quickly

When you have noticed that your car is getting smoke inside and you stopped driving then take the rest of your car for 15 minutes minimum.

After that open the hood and drop the water on the radiator and make sure that your car radiator temperature is getting cool or not. When you feel that it’s cool now then open the cap then check.

Check the coolant level of the radiator

When you open the cap of your Japanese car or any car radiator then check whether the coolant level is equal or not. If it’s less then drop the coolant in it and fill it on recommended point.

Check the leakage of the radiator

When you fill your car radiator with coolant then check it for 5 to 10 minutes for its level. If it will remain constant then it is mean the reason for the engine overheating was a lack of coolant level. But after 5 to minutes, you have noticed that the coolant level is getting down then you check the leakage and find the point where the leakage is.

Never do over acceleration

While driving if you feel that there is less water in your radiator and want to find coolant then and there is necessitation to drive then drive your car slowly and never make it over accelerate it will be very harmed full for your car.

Check the cooling system & leakage

If your car engine is getting overheated then stop the Ac first then the car engine load becomes low, and check if there is any leakage in the cooling system. This helps move heat from the engine and disperse it to the inside of the car.

Check oil level

Oil lubrication is very important for the vehicle. So there are given levels for it if the oil level is getting thick or low then it will main cause of your car engine overheating. Because of that, your car engine’s mechanical parts will not work properly and their friction will be very effective for working.

Check engine belt fitting

Must check the engine belt fitting or check auction sheet online if you notice there is any crack or loose then change the belts quickly it can be the main cause of engine overheating and will disturb other mechanical parts of your vehicle.

Check thermostat

When your vehicle engine is overheated then you have to get a sign on your dashboard the temperature gauge is getting high then find the exact reason for the engine overheating and make sure first that the temperature gauge is working properly or not.


Before driving you to need to make some important rules in your life that you will never forget and there will be a zero tolerance level then you will not face engine overheating issues and the summer season will also not much effective for it. Engine overheating issues always happen with negligence.

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