Six Approaches To Successful Ironman Training

If you want to compete in an Ironman but are very busy with work and family and are worried that you will not be able to train for it, this is a good place to come. As well as getting an individual ironman 70.3 training plan here are some tips on approaching an Ironman event.

High-intensity interval training

HIT can get much better results in muscular adaptation and cardiovascular results so you can create the effect of a 4-hour session in more like 40 minutes. It is based on good science and will tell you how long to train, how many intervals you need to do, what rest to take and what days are HIT days.

More strategic rest days

Rather than just following a training program where you often work hard for 3 weeks and then take a week off for rest and recovery, you can be more strategic on when the rest days happen and what you do on them. Use the time to just test your progress on cycling, swimming and running with easy recovery workouts. Also, make sure you follow a great plan for diet and fueling so that your body has less recovery to do overall. You should plan 9 months to train for an Ironman.

Split the training into specific blocks

Your 70.3 training plan should include use periodization, where the 9 months are divided into specific blocks for training as well as for eating. All training and eating should have a goal, improving endurance, increasing power, improving explosive speed for example. The meal plan should focus on fat, protein and carbohydrate intake. The instructions for training should be precise, running drills, swim form drills, cycling skills and so on.

There should be no guessing

For the duration of the training, you should not be guessing and questioning how hard to do something, how long, what to eat when out, and what supplements to take. Everything should be decided and planned and now you just need to carry it out and stick to it. So much time can be wasted with all the uncertainty and that time adds up over the months. So prepare hard and know what you are supposed to be doing whatever the situation.

Practice racing!

A good way to prepare for the mental and physical stress of an Ironman event is to enter other races as part of your ironman 70.3 training plan. Whether you choose to do a sprint, half marathon or Olympic distance or even a half Ironman they can help with your confidence and what you might face during the Ironman like stomach cramps and such.

Be flexible

Even when you have everything planned and you have a detailed 70.3 training plan you need to have some flexibility. You might have a parent’s evening you need to be at, or a family get-together you want to attend. With other things happening be prepared to shift things when you need to.

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