Nine ideas to consider when choosing a SMD screen

In addition to its ability to display information as well as its many possibilities as a communications and marketing device SMD screen are changing the way we communicate and market multipurpose spaces, sports halls as well as commercial facilities. What are the key concepts to be considered when selecting a screen made of SMD?

Every project has its own specific requirements and therefore eight aspects need to be considered which will determine on the dimensions of the screens, the optimal resolution in relation to distances and what content will be projected, in addition to other things. Mondo has a broad selection of outdoor and indoor SMD screen, but it also provides a full service for custom-designed projects.

What factors must be considered when selecting a screen with a SMD?

SMD: It is a semiconductor device that emits light with two kinds.

What is the main difference between them?

Size: the SMD SMD has a smaller size than the Analog through hole.


a pixel that is based on through-hole lads is usually comprised of three lads (1 red, one green, and one blue, though different topologies may be used for example, 2 red one green and one blue, and thus being complemented with 4 SMDs ). A pixel that is based on SMD SMDs generally utilizes 3 in 1 SMD technology. This incorporates three SMDs within the same box.

Distance between pixels: SMD technology, because of its smaller physical dimensions as well as the potential of incorporating multiple diodes into one package, allows for the construction pitches screens (separation from pixels) smaller than via whole technologies.


3-in-1 SMD technology allows you to produce screens with more clarity as the distance between pixels is virtually constant whatever color is that is displayed. This is why your maximum viewable distance of screens using this technology increases by 25% when compared to conventional screens, with similar resolution.


They are the smallest, homogeneous unit of color that makes up an image digital. When you have full color SMD screens, every Pixel is composed of at most three SMDs.


Refers to the screen’s size defined in terms of pixels.

Pitch is the distance between pixels. It is typically described in millimeters.

Graphic surface:

 It is the exterior of the SMD screen that is designed to display content. It doesn’t include structural elements like frames, baseboards, or trimmings. 

Control system:

Electronic equipment that controls the SMD screen. Minimum view distance this is the shortest distance from which the SMD screen will be properly observed. In general it’s similar to the pitch, only expressed in meters. That is the minimum distance of the screen that has the pitch of 10 mm is 10 meters.

The maximum viewing distance this is the longest distance over which the SMD screen is observed. It is based on the screen’s graphic surface. The screen.

Viewing angle:

It’s the highest angle at the viewer’s perspective that a user can see the content that are emitted from the monitor. Angles in both horizontal and vertical planes are to be considered. Read more: mustangled

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