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Watch your blog through the newest statistics application from indoweblog, its name is Firestats. You are not necessarily activating it because we already installed it for you. Please access the Dashboard menu at your blog and you will find it on the right side of the Dashboard menu.

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Refers to the facility from Firestats are as follows:

  • FireStats protect the privacy of your users, unlike services like Google Analytics
  • Real-time statistics
  • Recent referrers
  • Search engine keywords
  • Recent popular pages
  • Browser and OS trees, grouped by what matters
  • IP to country – know where your visitors are surfing from
  • ‘Raw log’ of recent hits
  • Excluding unwanted hits from the database
    • By IP address or by IP range
    • By user-agent (to be used to filter bots)
    • By URL (to filter referrers spam)
  • Ajax UI, no need to reload the whole page – just press the ‘refresh statistics’ button to get the latest data.
  • Designed to work on all browsers. (Tested on Firefox, Explorer, Opera, etc)
  • Translated to 18 languages in the last count, and translating to additional languages is easy

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WordPress specific features

  • Exclude hits by Logged in users (to be used mostly to filter blog administrator(s))
  • Can add flag, OS, and browser icons to comments
  • Can add statistics to the blog footer
  • Widgets:
    • Statistics widget
    • Popular posts widget


There we have shared everything bout blog state that will help you to make sure about your blog state because when you start blogging state will help to grow fast on blogging journey.

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