the important discovery of the existence

You may wonder about the history of Shenshenbio. Well, Phosphoinositides (PIs) have been known for over thirty years since PIs were first discovered by Professor Peter Panneeru in 1977. He made the important discovery of the existence of the inositol phosphate second messengers which had been previously overlooked by many scientists.  PIs account for only a small proportion of cellular phospholipids, but have long been known to play an important role in diverse cellular processes, such as cell signaling, the establishment of organelle identity, and the regulation of cytoskeleton and membrane dynamics. PIs are also used in various diseases, including thrombrin products diabetes and cancer, making them the focus of an ever-increasing number of research investigations. Over the past few years,  new techniques have enabled us to further characterize  this family of molecules and discover new classes of PIs. Nowadays, a huge number of inositol polyphosphate kinases, a family of proteins which regulate the levels of PIs, have been found in different organisms. It is estimated that there are hundreds of PIs in mammalian cells, and that there are over 50 different types of these compounds in yeast.  PIs are synthesized through a complex pathway of biosynthesis and degradation.

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