The Role of Commercial Electricians in Smart Building Automation and IoT

The automation of commercial buildings is the future of the electrical industry. Vendors, suppliers, and electricians must adjust as these changes take place to satisfy consumers’ demands for a connected building. 

Through wireless technologies for efficient monitoring, commercial electricians in Gardena, CApioneer cutting-edge technology into future smart buildings. Here are the roles of commercial electricians in smart building automation. Check now!

Commercial Electrician 

A skilled and certified electrician who focuses on building wiring and electrical systems rather than household facilities is known as a commercial electrician. These electricians work in huge buildings with complex systems, such as shopping centers, offices, high rises, and governmental structures.

A commercial electrician requires a license and extensive training and education.

Does IoT and Automation Change the Working Pattern?

A building is said to be “smart” if technology is used smartly to increase its productivity, usefulness, comfort, and profitability. 

Automating HVAC, physical security, energy consumption, location technology, and other areas important to building owners and their tenants are all tasks that companies working on smart building projects are automating. In addition, automation initiatives are now viable because of improved networks, more connections, and more processing power.

Cloud computing, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and other cutting-edge technology are used in smarter buildings to keep occupants secure, comfortable, and content with their surroundings.

How Commercial Electricians Play a Crucial Role in Automation?

All engineering fields can benefit from the study of automation. It lessens the need for intervention from people. In everyday life, it is becoming more and more important. By reducing hazards, automation and control systems enable industrial needs’ safe and effective operation.

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Through research, development, and standardization, electricians have a considerable impact on the growth of the smart building industry. As a result, the market for smart buildings is expanding, and electrical contractors are at a turning point where they need to adapt to new developments and work accordingly.

In addition, after decades of using outdated systems and exclusive communication protocols, commercial electricians have gradually embraced standardization. However, commercial electricians should maintain their dedication and participation in industry standards bodies to ensure their continued growth and the development of the whole smart building market. 

What Effects Will BASs Have on Electrical Professionals?

Professionals have been installing building automation systems (BAS) while engaged in their tasks. As the systems develop over time and become more automated, installation work becomes more thorough and capable. 

To carry out the tasks, electricians must be properly trained and licensed. 

Additionally, handling security issues is crucial due to the integration of the systems. Because it has become a very fundamental competence for BAS electricians. The electricians have installed firewalls and taken care of other basic security procedures.

There are many opportunities now to work with BAS, and there will always be a need for installation and maintenance specialists because BAS is being used in one way or another in almost every significant new commercial construction. 

The electricians would need to acquire new skills such as system integration, data installation, and IoT and installation methods to adjust to the changes in the building automation system. 

Electrical Contractors’ Opportunities and Challenges 

While there is undoubtedly enough work for energy specialists and electrical contractors, the business model of the contractors is getting more hectic.

Additionally, they now have the chance to offer consumers new, value-added services that have greater margins, competitive advantages, and a stronger connection to their normal SMB customers than in a “install and go” situation thanks to the Internet of Things. Due to increased needs for monitoring and maintenance, cost savings, and energy efficiency, these extra services are also in greater demand.

The changing demands require commercial electricians to adapt to the new technologies and become competent to handle them by acquiring the necessary skills required in today’s time. In addition to their electrical skill sets, they must also have IT and IoT knowledge.

And to achieve so, electricians need to understand the advantages, have a culture of innovation and development, be receptive to digitization and digital transformation, and, most definitely, be aware of shifting client expectations.


In this article, you learn the role of commercial electricians in smart building automation and IoT. If you need a highly experienced and qualified commercial electrician in Gardena, CA to service your property, then, take due consideration before hiring one. 

Skilled electricians offer you the high-quality electrical services you need to make sure that your company operates as efficiently as possible.

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