Top 5 Alternatives Of Mixhubb For Hosting Webinars

Webinars are the perfect tools if they are hosted in the right way on the best webinar platform. With lots of features to engage directly with the target audience, the need for these sessions is now more important than ever. This blog is all about listing some of the best and most popular alternatives to Mixhubb. This product is one of the leading and emerging online events platforms, best known for hosting webinar sessions.

Additionally, Mixhubb has earned much recognition while gaining the trust of leading brands like MG Hector, ISRO, and others on the list. Let’s find some popular alternatives to this platform to host your next event.

Webinar Platforms : An Essential Tool For A Successful Event 

Webinars take place over the internet. This is well known to those who know about virtual activities. But, these activities too require a platform to meet random people and host a show on them. Online webinar platforms provide amazing features for event attendees to build strong connections and generate quality leads from them. Furthermore, webinars are held over the internet, so it becomes very easy to target a global audience and earn revenue from them. 

Let’s find out some popular alternatives of Mixhubb as an webinar platform for your event – 


Platform Description 

The platform has an amazing, simple, and easy-to-use interface, which is attracting a global crowd. Additionally, the platform is well known for hosting on-demand webinar sessions, automated webinars, and others at reasonable prices. Some of the popular features of the platform include integration with third-party applications such as Twitch and YouTube Live.

Platform Highlights by

  • You can send amazing, personalized email invitations to your event attendees with this online webinar platform

Additional features of the platform include live chats, polling, interactive Q&A sessions, and others to cater to each and every requirement  the audience.

  • Livestorm is an excellent tool for live webinars, especially with its ability to integrate with many of the current market’s most well-liked content platforms. This webinar tool is attractive, has a flexible payment option that lets you start out completely free, and is worth looking into.


Platform Description 

This platform follows the technology of going completely automated for its users when it comes to functionality. There is no need to download any type of application from the Play Store, as this virtual webinar platform is purely browser based. In addition to this, the event attendees can simply switch on the “evergreen webinars” mode, which makes everything happen in real time. Some of the key real time elements include live chats, polls, interaction, and other stuff.

Platform Highlights 

  • Other crucial capabilities offered by the programme include analytics, a landing page builder, and registration reminders, to name a few. Another option is the “just-in-time” feature, which can start a webinar minutes after a new sign-up.
  • It is easy to create automated sessions for the sponsors. Additionally the platform has a clean UI which makes it even more fruitful for the users.


Platform Description 

Zoom is one of the most popular webinar platforms, known for its webinar services that connect friends and people around the world. It is mostly suitable when you’re dealing with the problem of connecting with audiences in different time zones. It has a cloud based feature that keeps user data and security of prime importance. Additionally, Zoom also allows you to host any type of unscheduled or scheduled meeting from any remote location.  Some salient features of the platform are 

Platform Highlights 

  • The platform  comes with a screen sharing facility and recording of video in HD format.
  • The signing up process on this platform is very easy and free of cost for its users. In addition to this, it contains the backup of every sort of meeting over the cloud for exceeding it in the future.
  • It also contains virtual whiteboards along with efficient host controls for providing comfort to their event attendees. It also gives free access to  over 100 attendees with a 40 minute free time for the event.

Zoho Meeting 

Platform Description 

One of my all-time favorite webinar tools is Zoho Meeting. It is ideal for anyone looking for a platform that can be used for group web conferencing, one-on-one meetings, internal team meetings, and marketing webinars. Tens of thousands of clients all over the world rely on it since it is so easy to use. World-class products are produced by Zoho for all facets of your organization. Zoho has you covered with tools for customer support, marketing, and CRM.

Platform Highlights 

  • You can easily control your  whole webinar session with this online webinar platform. Additionally,  customization of webinar landing pages has never been so easy with Zoom. 
  • It also has a mobile application which allows the event attendees to join the event from any remote location. Furthermore, the platform has inbuilt high quality audio and video outputs for smoother streaming.
  • With its  paid version, you can easily sync meetings for sending automatic mailer invites to your event attendees.


Platform Description 

It is an all in one solution for all types of online event requirements. With a trust in brands like Puma, Podia, and others. WebinarNinja is one of the most permissible platforms in 2023. Some of the salient features of the platform includes 

Platform Highlights 

  • Its live chat feature is very promising and fast for the users. Some other features include live polling, post event forums, powerful analytics tools and others.
  • With this virtual webinar platform, you get the access of the email automation facility along with  running drip campaigns. 

Let’s Conclude 

The selection of the webinar platforms plays an important role in making your event successful. With the right marketing strategy and the perfect timing of the content delivery, you can do wonders with your online session. However, the selection of the online webinar platforms depends on other factors too. These factors include the type of target audience, features you want to include, the audience ‘s expectations, and others.

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