Top 5 plants that will last you forever

Most of us like to be close to nature and greenery that is soothing to the eyes and calming for the heart. But in today’s busy world, it is quite a task to stay connected to nature. At some point, we all have thought about becoming plant parents by getting an indoor plant home. This is a great way to bring some amount of nature into your home. Getting an indoor plant will only bring in some greenery but also add dimension to your home. But often are confused about which plant to get and how the plant can be well-maintained and long-lasting. Needless to worry, Florist Levittown NY brings you a list of houseplants that will keep you calm, close to nature, and are also easy to maintain. 

Here is a list of indoor plants that will last forever with minimal care and love –

Number  – 4

Snake plant 

This indoor plant comes with long and narrow leaves that grow straight upwards giving a sword-like appearance. Snake plant comes in shades of greens creating a distinctive gradient pattern. This indoor plant is known to have a long life. With this plan, you do not have to do much as this is an easy care plant that asks for a little bit of maintenance. Snake plants bring along a whole bunch of benefits. As they are proven to filter the air inside homes, removing toxins and allergy-causing agents boosts mental health. This plant only needs watering when the soil gets dried up as overwatering can cause this plant to rot. With Plainview florists get different types of snake plants like Bird’s nest snake plants, Cylinder snake plants, and White snake plants. 

Number – 3

Chinese evergreen

The Aglaonema genus is commonly known as the Chinese evergreen. This ornamental plant comes with flat oval-shaped leaves that are placed parallel to each other. This indoor plant comes in a few patterns from plain, dark green leafed plants to speckled, spotted, or striped. This evergreen indoor plant thrives in warm areas. This aesthetic-looking plant has some great benefits too. It purifies the air and relieves stress. This plant with gorgeous foliage needs minimal care and the right amount of watering. This plant requires enough watering that keeps the soil moist. Some types of this evergreen indoor plant are Burmese evergreen, emerald bay, and first diamond evergreen.

Number – 2


This one is a plant that comes with thick leaves and a short stem. This resilient indoor plant comes in a mixed range of colors, some bear flowers others don’t. Succulents are of numerous kinds, all with different water requirements, soil types, and the weather they thrive in. Generally, all succulents do great in dry conditions with little water. The best thing about these is that you can put them together in a dish and create your own dish garden, they double as a decor piece and even a lovely gift for people who are beginning their plant journey.  Succulents are also super affordable and Ebay to find you can spot them at any florist in Farmingdale NY. A few easy-to-maintain succulents are Aloe Vera, Agave, and String of Pearls. 

Number – 1 


A flowering plant that bears a unique and interesting look of petals, anthurium has dark green waxy leaves at the bottom and over time bright red petals start to come forth. These dazzling red petals also have a bright yellow stigma popping out. This plant is also called Laceleaf or Flamingo plant. This plant looks lovely on your window sill. Caring for them is not that tricky either. You just need humid conditions, bright indirect sunlight, with regular watering not too much, just enough. And you will have a happy plant! 

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All these plants will not just create a cozy environment but also facilitate cleaner air and a joyful mood.

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