Antiques are among the most valued items in our homes, whether they have been passed down through the generations or were selected after months of searching through flea markets, marketplaces, and antique merchants for the perfect piece.
When relocating to a distant location, it is frequently tough to part with these items due to their immense sentimental and sometimes monetary value. If you are an estate distributor, dealer, auction house, collector, or dealer, you will also be faced with the challenging issue of transporting antiques over long distances.

You may transport antiques through a variety of transportation methods. Although it is possible to pack and ship antiques on your own, experts recommend working with a qualified mover or shipper that can assist you in packing your antiques properly. There are several alternatives available for moving antiquities. Even while it is possible to pack and transport antiques on your own, experts typically recommend hiring a professional mover or shipper who can assist you in properly packing your antiques. This is especially true for heavy furniture, multiple-item shipments, and fragile or costly items.


No matter how valuable, fragile, or old your antiques are, moving them may be challenging, especially if you are relocating to a distant location.
Typically, you have five options for shipping antique furniture and other items:
• parcel delivery
• Rent a truck and do it yourself.
• Employ professional movers
• Individual-to-individual loan or shipping
• consolidation of shipments
If your antiques are less than 108 inches long and weigh less than 70 pounds, you may be allowed to ship them using parcel shipping services.
Before using parcel shipping services to transport antiques, they are frequently packaged and labelled in individual boxes. Similar to previous shipments, they will be loaded and unloaded via conveyor belts at multiple checkpoints throughout the transit process. Therefore, if you are considering package shipment, it is vital to package your items with care.


The cost of sending your antiquities using parcel shipping services like custom crating and logistics can be affected by the dimensions and weight of your item, the distance it must travel, and how quickly you require delivery. There will be additional charges for things that are too large or heavy for a specific carrier.


• time-sensitive deliveries • small goods or deliveries weighing no more than 70 pounds in total and measuring no more than 108 inches in length or 165 inches in breadth


Depending on the size of the rental vehicle and the distance of your move, renting a truck and conducting a move may be costly. Due to the size and weight of antique furniture, you may need to rent a larger vehicle to move it safely, which can increase your rental car costs.
Regardless of the size of the truck, you will pay a daily rate to rent a moving vehicle, with additional fees for mileage, gas, supplies, and insurance.
• Day rates are between $19.99 and $29.99 for a 10′ to 17′ truck, and between $29.99 and $39.99 for a 20′ to 26′ vehicle.
• During the week, average mileage expenses range from $0.69 to $0.79 per mile, while weekend mileage rates can reach $0.99 per mile. During the busiest season for relocating, mileage fees may be higher.

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