Trending flowers for wedding bouquets this season 

Planning a wedding can be a daunting task, with the things you gotta have and to have them happen on time. From the dress to the guest lift no matter how well organized you are sometimes we miss out on crucial things. With the last-minute panic and of course the excitement of getting married you might feel overwhelmed. But one specific thing that you can really just forget about is flowers, from the decor to the bridal bouquet all will be taken care of with wedding flower planning. With a wedding florist in Atlanta, you can pre-plan your requirements and devote your attention to the joy of getting married. Now since you would have to brainstorm ideas about what theme or flowers you should pick, Buckhead Florist Inc. is here to help with flowers and flower arrangement ideas which are super trending at the moment- 

  1. Roses- A classic flower that you will spot in almost every other bridal bouquet and decoration. Roses are extremely popular among couples as their first pick. This flower we all know to be gorgeous, from the color to the petal shape. No matter what your theme is, you will definitely find a rose for it. A wide variety of colors, sizes, and availability make the Rose a perfect flower. With roses, it is always super easy to create different styles of bouquets and designs since they are so easy to work with. Now coming to want is trending, soft pastels and whites are in at the moment. They blend seamlessly into the whole aesthetic, since they are subtle they don’t look overpowering. 
  1. Sunflowers- If you love color, or if you plan to have a summer wedding with a lively theme then sunflowers are for you. You can go with a few sunflowers since they are big in size and less is more with them. You can go with Sunflowers throughout your wedding decor like centerpieces, and table decor to bring it all together. You can go with a yellow bouquet, loosely tied to give it an effortless feel. You can also add red roses since yellow and red complement each other really well. 
  1. Peonies- Another romantic flower that has been a popular choice for bridal bouquets for its exquisite design and elegant color. You will find these flowers in colors white, and various shades of pink. You can go with a sweet peony bouquet and add these filler flowers to give it a more creative feel. Snapdragons, Thistle, Daisies, and Solidago are some common picks. Peonies for the longest time have been associated with love and romance and they look incredible. 
  1. Dahlias- This summer bloom is unique and will definitely make your bouquet stand out, it is also a great addition to your flower decorations. Dahlias are these round, globe-like flowers that have a gazillion petals with a very unique shape. Come to notice the details and till will blow your mind. Dahlias are known for their colors and gradient shades. They come in some brilliant colors and color combinations. This is a great addition if you are going for a Boho theme, add to this other wildflower, silver dollar eucalyptus, and other exotic flowers like Pink Ice Protea. 
  1. Ranunculus- These flowers might seem difficult to find but you can get them from any florist in Atlanta GA. Coming Ranunculus, this is again a very unique flower. It might seem to be an ordinary one but hold on, when you look at this flower up close you will find an intricate design, overlapping petals, and breathtaking symmetry.   

With Buckhead Florist Inc. you can get your wedding bouquet designed to perfection, pick these fresh-cut flowers for a unique floral arrangement. 

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