Reasons Not to Put off Your Volkswagen servicing in Dubai

Volkswagen service, Routines are essential. They are crucial. Harvard Business Journal article shows that over the years, the most successful people in their field nearly always maintained the same routine. However, in the COVID-19 epidemic, a lot of people are delaying their routines because of anxiety and fear of the unknown.

With the demands of modern life, regular check-ups is more important than ever. Yet, more and more people not taking advantage of regular dental and medical check-ups regardless of the need to ensure the proper care for their health.

The maintenance of vehicles, regularly even though dealerships are considered to be “essential,” is likewise being ignored. Here are five reasons why you should avoid putting off your car maintenance, regardless of how large or small, in spite of the uncertainty, Volkswagen servicing.

Service is now more readily available than ever before:

Companies that are smart are taking advantage of this time of change to improve their service by making sure that customers are satisfied as well as making their services more convenient. Volkswagen Southdown, for example not only improved the cleanliness of their dealership but also offers social distancing to customers in sales and service and also offers lifts for customers in service who don’t want to wait waiting for their car.

“We are thrilled to be able to provide a ride to all our service guests using on-demand rideshare with Lift,” says Shane Coelho, service manager at Volkswagen Southdown. “Within three to four minutes, we can get the Lift driver take our customers to pick them up and bring them back to work or home to ensure they don’t be late in their day. When their car is fully loaded for pickup, we dispatch the Lift to pick them up back to their car.”

Regular maintenance on your vehicle is crucial to keep your car safe and healthy. of your car. With Volkswagen service, returning to your routine for maintenance requirements for your vehicle is simpler than it was before.

It’s likely to cost you more at the final:

The delay in routine maintenance of your vehicle is very costly. According to the report of Corsica who refers to American Automobile Association (AAA) 35 percent of Americans “skipped or delayed service or repairs that were recommended by a mechanic or specified by the factory maintenance schedule,” which increases the number of breakdowns that could have been prevented if everyone adhered to the guidelines for maintaining automobiles and followed the recommendations from their mechanic.

According to the same article the same article, skipping even $120 of oil maintenance every year could cost you about 4000 dollars to replace the engine. A hundred dollars of routine maintenance each year can help in reducing the $8,000 cost due to not keeping the vehicle in good working order. A tire rotation during the time of the year will cost $50. But, the cost to repair a completely worn tire due to misalignment. The cost could cost up to $700 or more.

We’re concerned about our customers in the long term we record an inspection of multiple points that is sent directly to the mobile phones of our clients, which will reveal all they know about their car and their suggestions. If you’re taking care of routine maintenance, that isn’t a reason to cover the cost of an emergency service.

Financing is offered:

If the expense for any appointment or appointment seems feasible now, financing options are accessible for repairs. Service financing provided through Volkswagen Southdown allows customers to get the regular maintenance that they need and to be able to pay for it over time instead of having to pay for everything in one go. See you for more information to website.

Auto-treatment programs can protect your well-being:

Being healthy is more essential than ever. Automobiles are also believed to be a major source of infection by bacteria and viruses. According to this study the car of father-of-four found contamination with bacteria that was 23 times higher than levels detected on the handrail of the public bus! A fat 40 percent of automobiles analyzed had have the same number of bacteria as the toilet handle.

The COVID-19 epidemic has proven that people are more aware than ever prior to this of the necessity in handwashing, cleaning and sanitizing. However your car could be a reservoir of viruses and bacteria.

Volkswagen Southdown offers an antibacterial and antiviral antimicrobial purification system called Driver that ensures the health of everyone who rides in your vehicle. The durable (six months) program shields you from bacteria, mold, viruses along with allergens, as well as bacteria and ensures you stay well. It also costs less than 100 dollars for Volkswagen Southdown.

Safety inspection of service:

Alongside measures to keep people away from social interaction, and for more thorough cleaning, Volkswagen Southdown offers no-contact appointment times to service.  we check your car in for service,” says Shannon Reynolds, Fixed Operations Director at Volkswagen Southdown.

“Further the technicians and service advisors all wear gloves while they work and drive your car. When your vehicle is done we wash any areas that were that are touched, including steering wheels as well as door handles, shifter knobs and buttons. Additionally, we provide non-contact credit card processing, and will even accept payments by telephone,” Reynolds states. Reynolds.

Shop Service Specials at Volkswagen:

In order to prepare your vehicle to be ready for summer, Volkswagen South Town is offering the Summer Service Package at $99 and includes the Driver system as well as an inspection with multiple points where they inspect the tires, belts, as also cooling systems and air filters to make sure your car is well-equipped for the summer!

If you’re looking for an upgrade for your vehicle take a look at.

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